Remarkable Business Travel with Limos

Frequent travels come with the prestige and responsibilities of being a top rung executive of a company. When one travels for work, there are a million things that occupy the mind. There are meetings, presentations, dinners, seminars, conferences, etc. lined up. Amidst all this travel has to be smooth and flawless. Travel here does not refer to traveling from city to another city alone, but also moving around within a city attending meetings at various locations. While you may pretty much be the executive with everything in control, how you travel makes a major difference. Being punctual, traveling in style, creating an impression, time management are all very important aspects of corporate travel.

Airline Limousine

Keeping in mind the above factors, a corporate limo service will help you create the best and desired impression. Here are some advantages of choosing such a limo service.

  • Choosing a trusted limo service will help you reach your destinations well in time. Most limo services have good licensed drivers with credibility. They not only drive safely but are also aware of all the routes. If you are new to a city like Toronto, a local driver will take you to your destination in no time!
  • You can also hire an airport limo that shall pick you up from the airport and also drop you back in time to catch a flight back home from Pearson International Airport in Toronto. If you are on a tight schedule, you can have an important word or two with your colleagues or business counterparts before you actually attend the meeting in complete privacy.
  • You can always expect to reach on time and be punctual when you choose to travel in a limo. These rides are also extremely comfortable and work as stress relievers caused from air travel.
  • When you arrive on time in a well maintained and stylish limo driven by a uniformed chauffeur you are sure to impress your business allies. Most of these limo services have a well maintained fleet that consists of various limos of different companies.
  • You can also suggest these kinds of limo services to your colleagues and more importantly to your boss in case he is traveling and scores brownie points!
  • These kinds of limousine services are available at extremely affordable prices. Some service providers also have special concessional rates for corporate which you can avail in case you are a frequent traveler. Also you can choose a limo service that has branches all across Canada and USA so that you can opt for their dependable service wherever you go and become a loyal client. Some companies also provide loyalty points to such travelers.

Hiring limousine services for corporate travel are a great idea from all points of view. The advantages are numerous and are bound to work in your favor!

Things to Look for While Choosing an Airport Pick and Drop Service in Toronto

Travel is an important part of all our lives, be it for work or pleasure. However, it would be misleading to simply assume that travel involves going from one destination to another. It also includes transportation to and fro to airports and for sightseeing when you are visiting Toronto. There are several other reasons that require a person to move around in the city from the very moment he sets in foot in the foreign land. For this purpose it is important that you choose travel services that are reliable and reputed so that you get your money and time’s worth.

Most travel services in Toronto provide limos and sedans for comfort and ease of commute. You can gather comprehensive information about them and do comparative studies before you decide on one. These services have huge fleets of vehicles that serve as airport taxi and pick you up or drop you back to the airport in time. While choosing such a service, you need to cross check the reputation of the company and compare on primary factors like:

  • Punctuality
  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Legal eligibility like licenses
  • Insurance

In addition to the above factors you also need to check on the following factors:

  • 24*7 online as well as offline booking and
  • Well trained, co-operative and experienced staff who can help you in case of need
  • Well-dressed, courteous, licensed and professional drivers with I-cards
  • Fully insured vehicles with adequate paper work in place
  • Well maintained and hygienic interiors as well as exteriors of vehicles
  • Periodically inspected vehicles by licensed mechanics
  • Radio dispatched 24*7
  • Easily identifiable vehicles
  • Eligibility to operate at airports and other pick up or drop points
  • Prompt customer services
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Pick up and transportation of baggage from curbsides
  • Accessible through phones at all times

Most airport taxi services offer a bevy of services that are quite customizable. You can also ask friends and colleagues for referrals so that you are assured of exceptional services and reasonable rates because your transportation in Toronto and surrounding areas should be smooth without you having to bother about routes, punctuality, etc. allowing you to fulfill your purpose of visit with ease.

Public Transport V/S Limo Service for Airport Pick-and-Drop

When going to or coming from airports, it is imperative that the transportation facility be prompt and pretty much perfect. Yet there are many people who prefer public transport to save a few extra cents. But is that penny-pinching actually worth it when it comes to getting good services? Definitely not and we explore the reasons for it.

  • Timing

Is your flight early in the morning or really late at night? Then availing public transport at such odd hours may turn out to be quite a task. Public transports generally run on a tight schedule and finding something outside that schedule is next to impossible. When you hire an airport limo not only do you reach your destination on time, you even get that much needed wake-up call for you to get ready and catch your flight. There is no fear of over-sleeping and missing your flight.

  • Cost-effective

Contrary to popular beliefs, these days hiring limousines for airport pick-ups or drops is not at all a costly affair. It may be slightly more expensive than public transport but nothing that will leave your pockets dry.

  • Safety

One of the biggest issues that often plague a person travelling is safety. Limo services offer you a better security with radios installed in the cars. All the drivers have individual ID cards and badges which make it easier for you to trust them. Licensed mechanics routinely inspect the cars which eliminates chances of a breakdown due to faults or problems in engine. In fact, not only are you safe, but well-being of your luggage is assured as well. There is plenty of room inside the limousines which makes it easy for you to keep your fragile luggage safely.

  • Clean interiors

For exteriors it does not matter much, but interiors must be clean so that personal hygiene is maintained. In case of public transport there can be no surety but in case of limo services, you may be sure that everything is cleaned up on a regular basis to leave the car feeling and smelling fresh.

  • Last minute services

Most limousine companies provide last minute or emergency services to passengers. So if you are in a fix and need help at the last hour then you can definitely turn to them. These companies can pick you up from wherever they are instructed to. However, the same cannot be said for public transport facilities as they function at particular timings and on specific routes and cannot go beyond that.

So, overall there are no doubts when it comes to accepting the superiority of a good limo service over normal modes of transportation, especially to and fro to the airport.

5 unbeatable reasons to hire a Limo in Ontario

Driving to the airport can be hectic and tire you out even before you have reached your destination. We all know how busy the roads can get at prime time, and imagine having to catch a flight at peak hours – negotiating traffic, getting there on time, finding a spot to park your car and then winding your way through the snaky queues of passengers all trying to get to their flight before it takes off without them.

To save yourself the inconvenience why not hire a taxi service? It’s safe, convenient and saves you the headache of driving and parking. Airline Limousine is a Ontario based limousine and airport taxi service provider providing prompt and punctual services round the clock. Whether you need a cab to pick you up after you alight in the wee hours of the morning, or need to take a flight out of the city during the busiest hours of the day, just dial for a taxi. Or if you are feeling fancy, ask for a limousine at your doorstep.

If you aren’t still convinced on why you should hire a limousine, here are 5 unbeatable reasons to do so.

1.    Enjoy the drive: Kick off your shoes and relax in the back seat of your plush limousine as your liveried chauffeur speeds through (or crawls through, depending on which part of the day it is) the streets of the city. Enjoy the view of the city or browse through the presentation reports you so painstakingly made the previous night.
2.    Get there on time: What? In Ontario? At rush hours? Yes. We say. With our fleet of well maintained cars and courteous drivers there isn’t any time that you will be losing during the drive. There will be traffic, but our expert drivers will get you there well on time.
3.    Travel Safe: Our drivers are well versed with the roads and highways leading in and out of the city, and are excellent at their job. You can trust them to drive you safely to your destination without any delay. Our company safety policies bar any of our drivers from exceeding speed limits under any circumstances and you can be assured that they abide by those terms at all times.
4.    It’s not as costly as you thought: We provide luxurious services at competitive costs. You can enjoy the luxury of a limo without having to pay through your nose for it.
5.    Get there conveniently: No worrying about the traffic. No swearing at faulty fellow drivers. Enjoy a smooth drive to the airport or back home without clenching your jaw muscles in frustration even once. The car will arrive at the pickup point well before time to pick you up for the journey. And if you are travelling from the airport, just ask for ‘Airline Limousine’. Our driver would already be there to pick you up. No worries. No waiting.

What makes Airline Limousines the Best in Class?

Airline limousines have been identified as one of the most sought after vehicles in Toronto where class and comfort rules the game from the forefront. In a bid to gather maximum attention, airline limousines have equipped themselves  with the very best of chauffeurs who are not only industry trained but also a have a first and foremost knowledge of the roads and puts customer privacy and comfort on the top of their list. Having said that, the airline limousines have been an absolute favorite among all corporate players out there who wants  the very best when they are out for any kind of business and is looking out for the best transportation facility that can carry the to and from the airport to their destination.

With airline limos, one can never go wrong. You got class, comfort, privacy at one place which any other car can seldom claim to offer. That is exactly what makes the, popular than regular yellow taxis which comes in cheap and fails and hence fails to catch up with the service provided by airline limos. From a standalone point, the car itself has been identified as a classy affair as limousine is a legendary vehicle which has been used and re-used by sport stars, movie celebrities, presidents and prime ministers and even kings and queens at large. Hence, when you ride an airline limousine, you ought to know that you are being driven in a car that has a history of having served quite a bunch of honorary people from almost every sphere of the world. There again, lies the essence of an airline limousine which can seldom be claimed at par with any other vehicle that is there today and claims luxury and comfort put together.

Airline limousines also operate all around the clock so that you don’t need to worry if you are arriving early mornings or late at night. One can also schedule their pick up or drop online prior to their arrival so that they don’t need to wait longer. The chauffeurs are extremely courteous and they will help you if you want to go around the city before driving to your pre destined destination. It helps especially if you are new to the city and travelling alone.

Airport Transportation in an Unknown City

When flying over to an unknown city, it is likely that you feel a little awkward. On top of that, when you have landed in the airport, it’s necessary to know how you can get yourself the right kind of transport to travel to your destination. The usual approach is to ask people and move over to the local taxi stand and hire a cab. However, the rush for the transport and the long queue can turn out to be a frustrating experience for you. At times, you might have to pay a little extra when you are not sure of the road to your destination.

Why choose the normal when you can have the best

Although airport taxis are the first choice for any newcomer to the city, checking out from the airport in the right kind of vehicle is extremely important. Most of the time, travelers are just standing in the queue like all others and wasting time to get a taxi. Hence, it’s necessary to book a car before you land in the airport which will keep your tensions at bay and you will not have to waste time looking for a ride to your hotel. For anyone who is out there on a business trip, an airport limo is perhaps the best option against all other transport choices. Comfort, style, privacy, entertainment-an airport limo is meant for the finest transportation catered to people who crave for comfort and luxury and wants to be everywhere at the right time.

The Airport limos operate all-round the day and you can pick them up from the airport when you check out and ride off to your hotel or office or any desired location. The limos are driven uniformed chauffeurs who have a great deal of knowledge about the roads and the current conditions and hence they prefer to choose the roads where the traffic is light in order to move fast.  Moreover, the vendors are sworn to provide satisfaction of a drive and hence an airport limo is streamlined with the very best of modern amenities and modes of entertainment and utility which ranges from workstations, mini bars, LCDs and music system which keeps you occupied during your joinery.

Airport Transportation – Reaching on Time

For any traveler, reaching airport on time is the prime concern. The reverse is also of paramount importance when one is checking out of the airport and hoping to reach their desired destination on time. Hence, airport transportation is an important issue and should be planned accordingly so as to reach your hotel or your office on time when you are flying on a business trip. Most travelers depend on airport taxis which operate in and out of the airport to reach their destination after their flight has landed. Although it’s easy to hire a taxi from the airport taxi stands, it’s always recommended to book your car prior to your arrival as it keeps the worries away and promises a hassle free journey.  One of the main advantages of booking your ride prior to your arrival is that someone will be waiting for you at the airport when you check out and you don’t need to look around and stand in the queue.

At times, the airport taxis offer group bookings where you can share the fare with your fellow traveler which comes out easy on your pockets. However, most of the time, when you are a on a business trip, the flight tends to get long and boring leaving you tired and weary, making you desperate looking for some comfort in your next ride. In such cases, a group booking is something that is not a viable option to consider. Instead, one should look out for options like an airport limo which guarantees maximum comfort and privacy at the same time as you will be hiring it alone and usually don’t have to share space with anyone. In case, you hotel or office is located a little far from the airport, an airport limo is perhaps the best option to consider as it not only offers comfort and relaxation but also make sure you reach your destination in style. With rained chauffeurs by your side, you will be never later for any occasion or business meetings. In fact, the airport limos tend to start early so as to avoid all possible issues on the road including heavy traffic and making up on time to never arrive at a destination late or beyond time.

Why Corporates Prefer Limousines

The growing trend with corporate mass, craving for maximum comfort and luxury has driven the transport vehicle market to adopt a slew of changes. Working on the same note, airport transportation service providers have witnessed an increasing demand for limousines as the most preferred vehicle to and from between airports.

What makes limousines so popular?

A one of a kind vehicle; Limousines are streamlined with modern amenities that exhibit class in interior and accounts for the privacy which is also a contributing factor that makes Limousines popular. The air conditioning, the mini bar, the plush interiors, and the smart ergonomics-everything that a luxury drive demands is all there inside a limousine. Plus, the vehicles are driven by trained chauffeurs who have a better understanding of the roads and are aware of all the shortcuts that saves you time without having to get caught up in traffic. Moreover, the limousine service providers bank on their key offering ; on time transportation  which  takes on with their habit  of starting early to make up for the lost time if  they are met with some heavy traffic or get caught up elsewhere while on the road. Keeping up with the corporate fervor, the limousines seek to offer almost everything on the go to make sure you are connected. Custom made limos are equipped with workstations, internet, fax and telephone to meet all business needs while travelling.  This would help you to always be in touch with your business needs and never miss out on anything starting from attending phone calls to participating in video conferences.  Hence, it’s not hard to gauge why business magnets and corporate players like to move in a limousine while traveling for business needs.

Redefining airport transportation

Airport transfer service is something that is an integral part of a business travel.  Moreover, the airport transportation forms a substantial part where major vehicle service providers operate. Hence, airport limos fight it out with other vehicle types to emerge as the best in class and features. Also, upping the luxury standard with every corporate travel has become equally important and hence, airport to hotel and vice versa transfer has turned out to be an important part of business travel where a limousine drive actually has a lot to offer.

How can Riding the Airport Shuttle Preserve Your Privacy?

Many of us value privacy and are ready to pay top dollars to ensure that no one violates it. Distinguished people across the board such as politicians, actors, CEOs and top executives always prefer to move around without much notice. They also want to maintain a discreet presence wherever they travel. Many travel around with utmost care and want to maintain a strict air of anonymity that is ensured when you book an airport shuttle service at the Toronto airport.

Policemen often prefer a ride that is inconspicuous and one where there are no roof sirens and door decals. Most of the celebrated citizens of Toronto too prefer a ride which is far from the public eye. Unmarked vehicles that help carry high profile guests are the most important method for A-listed celebrities to maintain a low profile.

Airport taxis are very different from Toronto’s cabs. These are not just different in appearance but also offer services like greeting customers and extending a warm “meet and greet” service unseen in other modes of transportation. If you are public figure then you can hope to attract the least of attention while traveling in these rented airport taxis. Many have dark tinted glasses and have no flags or meters attached. Most of these cars are coloured black and while in traffic don’t honk or scream for attention. This enables privacy and a lot of secrecy unseen when you travel in average meter taxis.

How can Airport Taxi Make Travel Easy?

Travel to the airport in any city can be a stressful journey if you are not well connected via road or the subway. Although getting direct buses do ply in many cities, the best way to travel to Toronto from the airport seems to be in the airport taxi. You do not have to wait for the bus to arrive at the stop or even carry the weight of the baggage when you travel. The entire process of travelling from the airport can be done in an airport taxi.

Fretting over small things can be a thing of the past if you hire a taxi from the many Toronto airport taxis at an affordable rate. You don’t need to stay put in a line. There are no mad scrambles outside the airport. You also don’t need to stand in queues and head straight to downtown Toronto without much trouble. Taxi rides help you when you are running against time or have a tight schedule. Most of these taxi rentals are located very close to the airport and can be quite a convenient ride for you.

If you are returning to the airport and are about to catch the flight, make sure you take the airport taxi service because these have the flight monitoring service which enables you catch the plane effortlessly. You should leave your contact number with the hotel so that when the rental service is offered, the taxi service is able to reach you at the earliest when your flight is delayed.

Toronto’s taxi services are very convenient and affordable. They are even safe and reliable. You take this as an excellent option when you are travelling in the city for the first time.