Have Trouble Sleeping on a Plane? Then You Need to Read This

Are you scheduled to be on a flight today, tomorrow or sometime soon? If you are, then one of the things you’re likely dreading is trying to sleep on the plane. Flying at 30,000 feet in air doesn’t make for restful sleep. There’s cramped seating, air pressure and noisy fellow passengers to content with. While some sleep deprivation is impossible to prevent, there are a few things you can to at least feel somewhat rested during your journey. Choosing the right seat Unfortunately, Read more [...]

How Airlines Are Coping with Flight Delays

Flight delays are annoying, but did you know they collectively have a major financial impact on both airline companies and consumers? An estimated amount of 8 billion dollars have been spent by the airline industry to recover flight delay costs in 2015. Passengers were also affected as they had to pay an estimated 17 billion dollars due to flight delay expenses. The estimated airline delay cost stood at $65.43 per minute. This is the shocking airline delay data for 2015.  In comparison to 2014, Read more [...]

How to Reduce Stress When Surprised by a Long Flight Delay

Weather is unpredictable. It can cause delays without warning and ruin your plans. This can be especially frustrating when you have important commitments scheduled, or a family event to attend. Unfortunately, flight cancellations and delays are very common. Just as of day, there have been nearly 900 flight cancellations and around 16,500 flight delays globally according to FlightStats. If you travel with some frequency (or you’re just unlucky), chances are you’ll be stuck at an airport with Read more [...]

Remarkable Business Travel with Limos

Frequent travels come with the prestige and responsibilities of being a top rung executive of a company. When one travels for work, there are a million things that occupy the mind. There are meetings, presentations, dinners, seminars, conferences, etc. lined up. Amidst all this travel has to be smooth and flawless. Travel here does not refer to traveling from city to another city alone, but also moving around within a city attending meetings at various locations. While you may pretty much be the Read more [...]

Things to Look for While Choosing an Airport Pick and Drop Service in Toronto

Travel is an important part of all our lives, be it for work or pleasure. However, it would be misleading to simply assume that travel involves going from one destination to another. It also includes transportation to and fro to airports and for sightseeing when you are visiting Toronto. There are several other reasons that require a person to move around in the city from the very moment he sets in foot in the foreign land. For this purpose it is important that you choose travel services that are Read more [...]