4 Essential Qualities of a Great Chauffeur

Taking a limousine to an event or just to the airport can make any trip feel lavish and luxurious. While most limousine companies have an up-to-date fleet of cars, they don’t all offer chauffeurs. Having a great chauffeur can make all the difference in the world. But what are the qualities that determine whether the chauffeur’s good or not?

  1. Capable

Your limo driver has one task, which is, to make sure you get to the destination of your choice, within a given time frame. A driver needs to be capable to accomplish this task consistently. This means understanding the local geography, when are the best/worst times to drive on any given street and what to look out for.

While this can be difficult to directly test for, you quiz the driver with some questions about your area or where you need to be.

  1. Confident, but humble

With capability, comes confidence. The driver needs to be certain about where and when to drive to reach your destination. However, that doesn’t mean that he/she should brag about it. A sign of a great chauffeur is that he/she confidently but quietly does the job.

  1. Punctual in nature

For all chauffeurs, being punctual is of utmost importance. They need to know how to plan ahead and arrive at the destination early. Being able to accomplish this shows exceptional organizational skills and reliability. After all, a client won’t forget every time the driver arrives late no matter how excellent the rest of the features are.

  1. Always well-dressed

A strict dress code must be followed by all chauffeurs. A chauffeur in a t-shirt and jeans will not leave a good impression on a client expecting professionalism. This, in turn, might hamper the client’s contentment with the service. Hence, the chauffeur must have a nice haircut and wear a suit and tie. Some other details he/she must have are polished shoes and an overall groomed appearance.  The vehicles too must be immaculate in appearance, both the interior and exterior.

A chauffeur possessing these skills paired with the right vehicle can ensure you have a great trip. An excellent chauffeur will have the ability to understand their client’s needs. They’ll be able to supervise the provisions of services being offered accordingly as well.