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4 Different Ways to Get to the Toronto International Airport

You can arrive at the Toronto Pearson International Airport in many ways. If you have a host of travel options that helps you commute to the Pearson International Airport, you should always think and review these well in advance.

Some of the most comfortable of travel solutions can be found in Toronto. Here are a few of those

1.  The rental car is a mode of transport that many in Canada can opt for as these are better than the public transit system and are faster and comfortable to say the least. This is also a very practical option and if you decide to take the rental car route, this sounds better any day. You must proceed to the Level 1 of the parking space at the airport in order to get a close view of the car rental companies in the airport. But always remember, renting a car has a few downsides and you have to drive yourself if you hire one. The parking fees are not inclusive of the car payment and rental fees are over and above the rental charges.

2.  Taxis are the other option that might be of suitable help if you arrive at the Pearson International Airport. Make sure when you do ride a taxi, you ensure the cabbie conforms to the safety standards and the fare rates accepted in all of Greater Toronto. You can also go for a flat rate journey and most of these taxis are found outside of each of the terminal at the airport.

3. The private airport shuttle service is also a great source of help for the commuters. There are plenty of companies that provide transit services to important destinations inside and outside the Greater Toronto area. You can choose from the shared and private airport shuttle services. The rates are charged according to the distance travelled and can be generally expensive than taxis.

4. If you are hoping to add a dash of luxury and supreme comfort to your travel from the airport make sure you embark on a limo ride. Limousine companies also offer sedans that can give you a high standard of service. A well-dressed chauffeur meets you at the baggage carousel area and helps you carry your baggage to the rental vehicle. You can book a limo from before, although this is not a necessary prerequisite. You can only follow the signs to the limo queue and within a few moments your limo may arrive.