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4 Ways to Make Your Lengthy Airport Layovers Exciting

Although direct flights are more expensive than flights with long layovers, a lot of travellers are often willing to opt for direct flights. This is because nobody enjoys sitting around in the airport between flights doing nothing. For most travellers, long layovers are boring and tiresome as they prolong the travel time. However, if you can think beyond just watching the clock and waiting for your flight, you can turn a long layover into a memorable part of your vacation.

In today’s blog post, we’ve put together some exciting ways to pass your time during airport layovers.


Airport food isn’t nice but there are select eateries that offer classic local dishes and a variety of gourmet cuisines. Do a little research before you board your next flight, so you can indulge in some delicious food at a nearby upscale restaurant.


Feeling tired or exhausted while travelling between different time zones is common. Taking a nap between your flights is an effective way to get charged up for the rest of your journey. Many airports provide special chairs or a section where you can take a nap. Some airports also offer sleep rooms on rent complete with a bed, desk, bathroom, shower, TV and free Wi-Fi. If you feel drowsy and need to rest, don’t hesitate to stretch out and relax before your next flight.

Plan Some Activities

Take some board games along with you to play with your fellow traveller(s). If you’re travelling alone, you can interact with a friendly stranger and later ask them to join you in the game if they like. However, have some other options in your hand to pass time such as lounging around, hitting the airport gym, reading magazines, or engaging in conversations with travellers heading for the same destination, etc.

Explore the City

If you want to make the most of your long layover time, exploring the airport’s city is a great idea. Leave your luggage at the airport luggage counters or lockers and get into adventure mode. In airports like Toronto Pearson, travellers can easily board public transportation or an airport authority approved transportation to explore the city and return to the airport. All you need to do is research in advance the nearby attractions of the city that you can cover within your available time. If you don’t have a rough itinerary prepared ahead of time, taking your time out for city exploration will be difficult.

To save time, have your itinerary prepared and decide on what kind of transportation will work best for you. Focus on a single nearby attraction or a neighbourhood to explore so that you have enough time to get back to the airport. Keep in mind the long queues for airport security, road traffic, and other elements that can make you late for your next flight. Make sure to get back to the airport at least two hours before the scheduled time.

Follow any of these suggestions and transform your boring layovers into an enjoyable part of your trip. For a reliable Toronto airport transportation service, contact Airline Limo.

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