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7 Tips to Plan Your Boss's Business Trip

How to Efficiently Arrange Business Travel for Your Boss (7 Tips)

How many bosses arrange their own travel? That’s right: it’s their executive assistants who take on that task.

And it’s a big responsibility. A successful out-of-town event requires foresight and careful planning, from booking an airport limo to creating their itinerary. And although challenging, you can take steps to reduce your stress and keep them happy while you make their arrangements. It is, after all, the perfect chance to showcase your skills and capabilities while earning your boss’s trust and confidence.


Here are some tips to help you efficiently arrange your employer’s business travel.

7 Tips to Plan a Business Trip for Your Boss 

Here’s a list of items to check to ensure your boss has a successful business trip.

1) Discuss Their Travel Preferences

Before you start planning their travel, learn how they like to travel.

  • Which airplane seat do they prefer? Aisle? Window? Front of the plane? Middle?
  • Are they looking to prioritize their own convenience and comfort or save the company money?
  • Do they prefer their itinerary printed out or as a digital file?
  • Do they have plans before or after their meeting/conference?

Answering these questions makes planning an efficient itinerary easier as both you and your boss will be on the same page.

2) Ask About the Details

Creating your employer’s itinerary means knowing exactly where the person needs to be and when. Carefully think about how your boss will:

  • Arrive at the destination city.
  • Reach the hotel.
  • Travel from the hotel to their destination.
  • Meet their contact.
  • Travel from the hotel to the airport.
  • Reach home.

Once you know the trip’s specifics, you can prepare a list of everything you need to do. Also, ask your boss if there are any unplanned outings or special arrangements you need to make that aren’t already part of the schedule.

3) Make the Arrangements

Once you’ve discussed their travel preferences and figured out their itinerary, you need to start making the bookings. This may involve travelling by air, rail, car or boat, depending on where they’re going and what they’ll be doing.

So, it’s important to think about the journey from door to door, and balance travel time against convenience and overall cost. Imagine the steps they’ll be taking from point A to B and consider the duration of travel. Also, consider the time they’ll need to fill out paperwork at various points. Compare prices to ensure you get the best deal for the journey from start to finish.

Remember to be mindful of the small details. Will they need luggage stored? Is it better to arrive a day early to ensure your boss is better prepared and well-rested for their first meeting? Is there Wi-Fi on the flight so your boss can work while flying? Remember, the more carefully you plan, the more relaxed and confident both of you will be.

4) Work Within Your Budget

This is an obvious suggestion, perhaps, but it’s worth mentioning as corporate travel can easily exceed its allotted budget. A great way to handle this is to break the budget down into small amounts. You can make changes depending on the cost and importance of each factor, like travel, food and accommodation.

5) Pre-Book Ground Transportation

Business travel tends to be physically demanding if it includes multiple destinations. If your boss is going on such a trip, you’ll need to arrange their ground transportation beforehand to make it more manageable. Booking an airport limousine or chauffeured car service means your boss has a dedicated driver taking them from the airport to their hotel and meetings. This ensures that they won’t be hassled with hailing a cab and thus pressed for time.

6) Buy Refundable Tickets

We all know how rapidly things change in business. Meetings get cancelled and need to be rescheduled quickly. So it’s best to purchase refundable tickets when possible to avoid unnecessary spending. This marks you as a forward thinker in your boss’s eyes.

7) Check the Weather

The weather is something that cannot be changed according to our convenience. So, it’s best to check the forecast in each city to which your boss is travelling. For instance, if they’re flying to New York in January, they’ll likely already be carrying a winter coat. But if they’re travelling to a warm country, ensure they pack light, cool yet professional clothes. An umbrella is always a good idea too.

Now you know what steps to take when planning a business trip for your boss. They will help you prepare for their travel while keeping their itinerary and comfort in mind. Make it a point to communicate with your boss so you can make arrangements accordingly.