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What to Ask When Booking an Airport Limo Service in Barrie

Are you searching for transportation between Barrie, Ontario, and Pearson Airport? There are multiple options, including the bus, rideshares, and taxis, but none are particularly efficient or hassle-free. And, with the latter two, you may suffer from last-minute cancellations, poor vehicle conditions or late pick-ups.

However, if you book an airport limo service in Barrie, you are assured of high-quality assistance. Their licensed chauffeurs always drop off and pick up their customers when they are supposed to. Moreover, they maintain their cars in immaculate condition.

Here, we have curated a list of important questions to ask before you hire an airport limo.

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Vital Questions to Ask When Hiring a Reliable Barrie Airport Limo Service

Discover important questions you should ask before hiring a leading Barrie airport limo service.

1. How Experienced Are Limo Chauffeurs?

Your safety is guaranteed when you drive with a limo chauffeur. If your taxi driver lacks experience or is not well-trained, you are at greater risk of suffering a mishap. As a trusted limo company, Airline Limousine only hires skilled, well-trained chauffeurs who have undergone an extensive background check.

2. What Vehicles Are Included in Their Fleet?

Ask what types of vehicles are in their fleet so you can hire one that caters to your requirements. For example, an SUV limo is a great choice if you are travelling to Pearson from Barrie with your family and friends. It can accommodate up to seven passengers and is well-equipped with luxurious amenities such as a high-end music system, flat-screen TV, and a bar. Plus, they have adequate trunk space to accommodate a lot of luggage.

3. How Well-Maintained Are Their Vehicles?

Are their cars regularly inspected by an experienced mechanic? After all, you don’t want to have a sudden breakdown or accident when you’re trying to catch a flight. Airline Limousine does regular maintenance of their cars and thoroughly cleans them between rides.

4. How Much Do They Charge?

Ask for a quote and find out what is included in the contract. At Airport Limousine, we charge only fixed rates, with no hidden or extra costs such as for additional stops or loading/unloading your luggage.

5. How Safe Is the Service?

One of the most important factors to consider when hiring an airport limousine in Barrie is safety. Find out what kind of safety features are included in the car. At Airline Limousine, our cars have safety features such as pre-collision brakes. Plus, we also only hire trusted chauffeurs to get you to and from the airport.

For passengers with physical disabilities, we provide wheelchair-accessible vans and look after their requirements. This includes storing their wheelchair for transit and setting it up for them upon arrival at their destination.

6. Is the Company Fully Licensed and Insured?

Company Fully Licensed and Insured

When a limo company is fully licensed and insured, this means that you are completely covered if any mishap occurs during the transit. This also ensures that the company you hire is trustworthy and prioritizes customer satisfaction and security.

7. What Is Their Cancellation Policy?

Flight postponements and cancellations are sometimes unavoidable. Therefore, you should be aware of the cancellation policy of the limo company you wish to hire. Ask if they charge if you have to cancel your booking.

8. Are Their Vehicles Smoke-Free?

Limo companies generally ban smoking inside their vehicles to keep them smoke-free and create a healthy environment for passengers. So, check this before you book the limo service.

These are the important questions you should ask when hiring an airport limo service in Barrie instead of a taxi. If you are still struggling to decide, contact us. Our fixed pricing, skilled chauffeurs, and luxurious vehicles will cater to your needs. We guarantee that your journey to Pearson Airport in a limo from Hamilton, Barrie, or elsewhere in the GTA, whether for business or vacation, will be a smooth one.