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Best For Holiday Travel: Taxi Service to Pearson Airport or a Limo?

With Christmas around the corner, you may be planning an enjoyable family vacation. But remember, vacations can start off taxing, thanks to packed airports and congested roads. That includes getting to and from Pearson Airport.

So, what’s the solution? Simply choose a limo instead of a taxi, car, or bus for a smooth transit to the airport.

In this post, we discuss the top reasons to make this choice.

Let’s get started.

Reasons for Hiring an Airport Limo over Taxi Service to Pearson Airport This Christmas

Below are the key reasons to hire an airport limo to travel between Scarborough, Durham, or elsewhere in the GTA and Pearson Airport during the holidays.

1. Your Reservation Is Guaranteed


Hiring an airport taxi instead of a limo can be a nightmare. Especially during rush hour, getting a taxi is a challenge that can make you late for your flight.

However, with a limo service, you do not need to worry. All you need is to hire a limo two to three days in advance and you are sure to get to and from Pearson at the appointed time. With Airline Limousine, you can easily book a limo through our app or website.

2. You Can Remain Stress-Free

Travelling to and from Pearson can be stressful if you have to depend on a taxi, bus, or rideshare, or need to find parking. By booking an airport limousine you are free from this anxiety and can have a more enjoyable trip.

3. You Get Tailored Service

When you hire a limo service for airport transit, you enjoy personalized service. For example, they will welcome you with a smile, open and close your door, and engage in pleasantries only when you want. Even If you want to make two or three stops, they will accommodate this as well.

4. They Provide Group Accommodations


Travelling with friends or a big family may not be easy in a taxi because of limited space. With a limo service, you can choose a limo according to the number of passengers. For instance, if you are travelling in a group, book an SUV limousine as it can accommodate six to seven passengers. For three to four passengers, a sedan limo is the best option.

5. They Charge Affordable Rates

One of the vital reasons people choose a taxi instead of a limo is the fare. However, airport taxis may charge extra for unloading or loading your luggage, or waiting around. However, when you hire a limo, you just have to pay the rate negotiated during the booking.

6. They Provide a Wonderful Experience

When booking a limo to get to Pearson from Oshawa, Burlington, or anywhere across the GTA, you can have a great experience. You may select from various spacious models designed for your optimum comfort. These comforts include  world-class amenities such as Wi-Fi, flat-screen television, and a powerful audio system.

7. They Monitor Your Flight

Your chauffeur can keep a track of your flight’s departure time and even update you if it is cancelled or delayed. This keeps you from having to constantly watch the details of your flight.

8. They Offer Excellent Car Maintenance 

At Airline Limousine, we ensure that our chauffeurs disinfect their vehicles thoroughly between rides. This type of maintenance assures your safety and allows you to remain free from stress.

Now you know the top reasons to book an airport limousine over a taxi service to get to and from Pearson Airport. It helps you experience stress-free, comfortable and luxurious airport transit. From excellent customer service, professional chauffeurs, and well-maintained cars to affordable rates, get all the benefits of limo hire for airport transit. To learn more about airport limousine services, get in touch with Airline Limousine.