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Etiquette to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Limo Service

Who doesn’t love a chance of riding in a limousine? They’re one of the best parts of any event, whether it’s a wedding, a birthday party, or prom. While the whole point of hiring a limo is to ride around town in it, there are certain rules of etiquette which should be followed by all passengers. Here are a few things for you to consider as a passenger.

  • Observing hygiene

All limo services observe a high standard of cleanliness ensuring the ride is comfortable for every passenger. In turn, you should leave the vehicle as organized and neat as possible. Never leave any empty bottles, cans or wrappers lying around when you’re exiting the car. It doesn’t require much effort to clean up after yourself and dispose of any unwanted items in a trash can. Also, avoid putting your shoes on the seats as they may cause stains. You must remember that the next client wants to have the same spotless environment that you are experiencing.

  • Minding your manners

Although limousines are luxurious and usually have comfortable seating, plenty of alcohol and many other niceties, you must remember that it isn’t a playpen. You or anyone else travelling with you shouldn’t get drunk, scream, curse, use illegal drugs or stick your head out of the sunroof. Remember to treat both the driver and the car with respect.

  • Seating positions

People who hire limousines do so for a special occasion and it’s important for you to let the person whose event it is, have the power seat. This is the seat at the back of the limousine. Additionally, don’t stand and enter the vehicle. You should sit, swing your legs and slide in. Not doing so will result in the already seated passengers having your back shoved directly in front of their faces as you board. This can be an uncomfortable experience for both parties and should be avoided.

  • Tipping the driver

Never hesitate to tip your driver. It should be given directly to the driver as a reward for extraordinary service. If you find yourself wondering what percentage of the bill represents the amount of the tip, know that you’re not alone. It’s something common for most passengers. The tip should equate to 15-20 percent of the total bill. Bear in mind as long as your chauffeur has made your experience memorable and has been diligent, then a tip is deserved.

  • Leaving the car

You must remain seated till the door has been opened for you. Allow your chauffeur to help you while exiting the car. The last person to step into the limousine will be the first person stepping out. Also, make sure you check the car to make sure there is no debris or damage left behind.

These tips are sure to give you proper information regarding hiring a limousine service. Rules of etiquette are pretty simple to follow. You might become one of the driver’s favourite passengers. Just sit back and relax! Let your chauffeur take care of everything.