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Helpful Apps for Visitors

8 Helpful Apps for Visitors to Get Around Toronto

The importance of mobile apps in today’s world is unparalleled. From food delivery to banking, social media to online shopping, everything is at your fingertips because of applications installed on your smartphone. They not only help you in your daily life but help ensure that you have a hassle-free travel experience. But the apps you use every day will not necessarily be helpful when you visit a new place. There is a whole set of apps dedicated to easing your journey and dealing with travel issues like flight delays, navigation and booking miscommunications. That is why we have compiled a list of travel-essential iOS and Android applications to help you explore Toronto like a pro.

6 Travel Apps to Make Your Toronto Visit a Lot Easier

1) Google Maps

When travelling to a new city, some of the biggest fears are to get lost in an unfamiliar place and taxi drivers taking longer-than-usual routes to overcharge you. The reason is simple: you don’t know how to get around and locals take advantage of that situation. In fact, taxi fare scams are not new to Toronto. To avoid them, only trust an all-inclusive navigation champ like Google Maps. This handy application picks up routes other apps ignore (like for bikes) and lets you explore nearby places based on your location. Voice direction and a search feature that predicts your needs based on your search history are some of the features that make this app a must to get around a new place.

2) Citymapper

Apart from knowing the routes, you should also be aware of public transit in a new city because taking cabs is costly. Enter Citymapper, the ultimate transit app that can help you get information about all urban modes of transport, with an emphasis on public transit. Offline maps, bike routes and real-time arrival of buses at stops are some of the key features of this app.

3) Airline Limousine

The Airline Limousine app is your saviour when it comes to travelling to and from Pearson. Whether you need a pickup or drop-off, you book an airport limo based on flat rates and track your ride through this app. Apart from a comfortable, classy and sophisticated ride that is wheelchair accessible, you get a professional, courteous, uniformed chauffeur to assist you. Download the Airline Limousine app and say goodbye to Uber surge pricing and overcharging taxis.

4) Airbnb

Airbnb is among the most successful accommodation booking apps. It solves your problem of finding a suitable place to stay in a new city. From accessing vacation home rentals to finding new places to explore, you can book accommodations for your trip with one app and have an unforgettable travel experience. Airbnb is available on both iOS and Android.

5) Quench

We all know that exploring new places in the summer season is difficult because of the constant need to refill your water bottle or buy water. So, where do you find drinking water in a new city? That’s where the Quench app comes to your rescue. This one-of-a-kind app is helpful for both tourists and the environment. Quench makes hydrating environmentally friendly, easy and cost efficient as it helps you find the closest refill station or fountain, based on your location. So, instead of buying new bottles of water and polluting the environment with single-use plastic, you are refilling a reusable bottle with the help of the app. Plus, it will help you stay hydrated in the heat.

6) Street Food Toronto

Want to try Toronto’s local delicacies? The Street Food Toronto app is your best bet when it comes to finding street food vendors. Searching through the list of vendors and food trucks is easy, and you can sort by distance, popularity or favourites. You no longer need to stalk the street of an unknown city in search of a food truck. Your hunt is over with just a tap.

7) Ritual

The Ritual app searches nearby food joints to ease your search for morning coffee or breakfast while avoiding the queue. The app shows results based on what you are looking for, like cappuccino or burrito. It allows you to place your order directly in-app and notifies you when it is ready to be picked up. You can pay online or have cash in hand. Simply install the Ritual app, place your order online and get your food when you arrive, thus saving you time. This app is a good pick for tourists as they can avoid long queues at coffee shops if they are in a hurry to reach the airport or catch a tourist bus.

8) Green P Parking

Prefer to drive around like a Torontonian and explore the city? Great idea! But what about parking? Well, there’s an app for that too. The Green P Parking app is your parking finder. It not only uses your smartphone’s GPS to find nearby parking but lets you pay by typing in the code you see on the on-street parking meter or pay-and-display lots. Just link your credit card or PayPal to your Green P Parking app. The best thing is it notifies you a few minutes before your meter expires and you can extend it with a simple tap.

If you have ever travelled around or spent a few days without your smartphone (an increasing rarity), you will both understand and appreciate the role apps play in our lives. Apart from helping us communicate, entertain and shop, apps like the above-mentioned ones make our travel experience a lot easier and more comfortable. So, whenever you plan to visit Toronto, make sure you have these applications on your smartphone to explore the city in a hassle-free way.