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Public Transport V/S Limo Service for Airport Pick-and-Drop

When going to or coming from airports, it is imperative that the transportation facility be prompt and pretty much perfect. Yet there are many people who prefer public transport to save a few extra cents. But is that penny-pinching actually worth it when it comes to getting good services? Definitely not and we explore the reasons for it.

  • Timing

Is your flight early in the morning or really late at night? Then availing public transport at such odd hours may turn out to be quite a task. Public transports generally run on a tight schedule and finding something outside that schedule is next to impossible. When you hire an airport limo not only do you reach your destination on time, you even get that much needed wake-up call for you to get ready and catch your flight. There is no fear of over-sleeping and missing your flight.

  • Cost-effective

Contrary to popular beliefs, these days hiring limousines for airport pick-ups or drops is not at all a costly affair. It may be slightly more expensive than public transport but nothing that will leave your pockets dry.

  • Safety

One of the biggest issues that often plague a person travelling is safety. Limo services offer you a better security with radios installed in the cars. All the drivers have individual ID cards and badges which make it easier for you to trust them. Licensed mechanics routinely inspect the cars which eliminates chances of a breakdown due to faults or problems in engine. In fact, not only are you safe, but well-being of your luggage is assured as well. There is plenty of room inside the limousines which makes it easy for you to keep your fragile luggage safely.

  • Clean interiors

For exteriors it does not matter much, but interiors must be clean so that personal hygiene is maintained. In case of public transport there can be no surety but in case of limo services, you may be sure that everything is cleaned up on a regular basis to leave the car feeling and smelling fresh.

  • Last minute services

Most limousine companies provide last minute or emergency services to passengers. So if you are in a fix and need help at the last hour then you can definitely turn to them. These companies can pick you up from wherever they are instructed to. However, the same cannot be said for public transport facilities as they function at particular timings and on specific routes and cannot go beyond that.

So, overall there are no doubts when it comes to accepting the superiority of a good limo service over normal modes of transportation, especially to and fro to the airport.