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Airport Limousine Services

Travelling from Oakville to Pearson airport is a long journey that requires reliable transportation. If you are looking for a taxi to the airport, why not book a limo instead? Airline Limousine allows you to travel to and from the airport to anywhere in Oakville in comfort and style.

We have a large fleet of 165 cars from high end brands that are well-maintained to ensure your experience is a positive one.

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Airport limo services are highly in demand in Oakville. There are many people in this town who need to be somewhere important which is why we offer the promptest services to our esteemed clients. Finding a conventional taxi to the airport can be difficult and stressful particularly when you are on a tight schedule.

Utilizing a limo service that is already pre-booked and scheduled according to your convenience ensures a smooth travel experience. When you select us for your Oakville airport, expect the following: Airline Limousine provides airport taxis in Oakville so you can be where you need to be on time and in style. When you book an airport limo with us, you can expect the following:

  • A relaxed ride from or to any neighbourhood in Oakville, even during peak seasons, to or from the airport.
  • Assured rides every time you book since the service is available round the clock. Local chauffeurs who know every route to and from Oakville to Pearson airport.
  • A chance for you to focus on important business or personal matters while our driver takes care of the rest.
  • Local chauffeurs who know the best routes will ensure that you arrive at your destination on time regardless of the traffic.


  • Sedan
  • Suv
  • van
  • wheelchair
    specific vans


Sedan limos are a great choice for transportation to and from the airport to any part of the GTA. These cars have high-quality leather upholstered seats and amenities like TV sets.

  • Accommodates 4 passengers and 3 bags
  • Tinted glass for optimum privacy
  • Comfortable leather seats with abundant leg space


SUVs are the perfect choice when you are travelling in a large group and require more space than sedans. The tires are thicker and the vehicles themselves have a higher safety level and better suspension which ensures a comfortable ride in any terrain.

  • Accommodates 6 passengers and 5 bags
  • More spacious than sedans
  • Robust vehicle ideal for any terrain and long journeys


Vans have a wider entry way than other luxury vehicles. They are well accommodating and suitable for long distance journeys.

  • Accommodation for 4 passengers and 3 bags
  • Spacious design for optimum comfort
  • Larger entryway making it easier to get on and off for children and elderly.


These vans are specially designed to make the ride smoother for passengers who require a wheelchair. The vans allow for a smooth entry and exit.

  • Accommodation for 4 passengers and 3 bags
  • Interior is specifically made more accommodating for anyone requiring a wheelchair
  • Enough boot space for large and heavy luggage.

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Book an airport taxi in Oakville through our mobile app available for Android and iOS devices.

Other Methods of Booking

We also have other booking methods and flexible payment procedures. You can also contact us for registration or booking.

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Our Airport Limo Service ensure you’re always on-time

Airline Limousine has a fleet of well-maintained high-end cars which are available at any time of the day. Equipped with the latest technology, the local chauffeurs driving these cars ensure that you arrive at your destination on schedule, irrespective of the traffic conditions. If you are taking an airport taxi back home, rest assured that the professional chauffeur will drop you at your doorstep.

We understand Oakville to Pearson airport is a long journey and it is not always easy to find a ride. Pre-booking an airport limo from us saves you the hassle of finding a taxi.

Why Choose Us?

Airline Limousine was founded in 1936 meaning we have been in business for over 85 years. Being the “original limousine company” means we know how to treat our clients right.

When you choose to travel with us, there are numerous benefits that you can enjoy as our esteemed client.

  • Every ride with us is insured
  • Trained local chauffeurs who know their way around the city
  • Vehicles are clean and well maintained
  • Pick-and-drops anywhere in Oakville
  • Competitive rates with no hidden costs
  • Midway stops on demand
  • 85 years of experience in the business
  • On-schedule rides every time


These are few commonly asked questions and their answers.

Can I get a limousine from any neighbourhood?+

We provide pickup and drops to all areas of the GTA including all the neighbourhoods of Oakville.

How is the limousine rental rate determined?+

The charge depends on the type of car, distance to be covered, wait time, number of midway stops, and the time of reservation. The total bill amount will be explained in detail in the invoice.

In what situations may my ride be cancelled?+

If the chauffeur is unable to locate you and call you for more than half an hour after arriving at the pick-up location, the booking will be cancelled.

Are there any additional charges if the chauffeur needs to carry my luggage?+

Our chauffeurs will help you carry and load your luggage into the car without any additional charges for that.

Are there additional charges for unscheduled multiple passenger drop-offs?+

Yes. If the drop-off on-route was not mentioned during booking and the chauffeur needs to go off-route for it, an additional charge will be incurred depending on the extra distance and time taken.


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I went to vist my cousin who lives in Toronto Canada. The company picked me up at the airport and transported me to my location. I have a cane so it took me a littler longer to get out of the airport. But the driver was very nice and helpful to me.

fat jewel

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I am always happy with your service! Last night we had car #109.Our driver was excellent,both in his driving skills and charm!

Christine Hilton

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My car broke down in January and I needed a ride. It was freezing temperature and it snowing. I called Pearson and Limo, and came very quickly. The driver was very nice and I got home very quickly.

Sami T

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Your driver just kicks out my wife with 5 months baby and 5 years old boy from his limo during -5 temperature outside. It happened in Pearson airport. He didn't like that my wife asked him to close the rear trunk door because they were dressed very l

Viatcheslav Zychkov

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Beautiful Cadillac CTS, but the driver's attitude was exceptionally poor. He took offense to the fact that I asked the price. No, not questioned, not haggled - I just asked the price, approximately, to get to my destination. You would think this ough

Vikneson Theeson

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