4 Essential Items to Bring with You While Travelling

Whether going on a vacation or a business trip, it’s important to have the essentials packed if you want to minimize stress. Layovers and flight delays can have you sitting around for hours at a time in an airport, unable to leave. Many people think that packing and flight preparations end when you finish booking your tickets, selected the best airport limo service to reach the airport on time, and made sure everything is locked up at home. There’s more to it than that however. Having the right Read more [...]

4 Occasions to Hire Limo Service in Toronto

Limousines are no longer exclusive to the rich and famous. Gone are the days when only the elite got the privilege of luxury transportation. Nowadays, limo services have become very popular in other sections of the society as well. People living in big cities like Toronto are hiring limo services for various occasions. The reason behind this trend is the affordable rates offered by different limo and airport limo service providers in the GTA. There four occasions when someone is most likely to Read more [...]

4 Ways Airport Limo Service Impress Your VIP Clients

Maintaining an excellent corporate image is essential for every business. Reputation is everything in the world of business after all. How clients respond to your brand is what sets the pace of your business and builds relationship with them. This means that a lasting and positive impression needs to be made and maintained with VIP clients in particular. Priority international clients come a long way to do business. As such they should be given proper hospitality. Part of that is providing transportation Read more [...]

Have Trouble Sleeping on a Plane? Then You Need to Read This

Are you scheduled to be on a flight today, tomorrow or sometime soon? If you are, then one of the things you’re likely dreading is trying to sleep on the plane. Flying at 30,000 feet in air doesn’t make for restful sleep. There’s cramped seating, air pressure and noisy fellow passengers to content with. While some sleep deprivation is impossible to prevent, there are a few things you can to at least feel somewhat rested during your journey. Choosing the right seat Unfortunately, Read more [...]

How Airlines Are Coping with Flight Delays

Flight delays are annoying, but did you know they collectively have a major financial impact on both airline companies and consumers? An estimated amount of 8 billion dollars have been spent by the airline industry to recover flight delay costs in 2015. Passengers were also affected as they had to pay an estimated 17 billion dollars due to flight delay expenses. The estimated airline delay cost stood at $65.43 per minute. This is the shocking airline delay data for 2015.  In comparison to 2014, Read more [...]