4 Essential Qualities of a Great Chauffeur

Taking a limousine to an event or just to the airport can make any trip feel lavish and luxurious. While most limousine companies have an up-to-date fleet of cars, they don’t all offer chauffeurs. Having a great chauffeur can make all the difference in the world. But what are the qualities that determine whether the chauffeur’s good or not? Capable Your limo driver has one task, which is, to make sure you get to the destination of your choice, within a given time frame. A driver needs Read more [...]

How to Find a Reliable Limousine Pick-Up & Drop-Off Company

Let’s face it, limousines are sexy. When one pulls up to an event, everyone cranes their necks to see who steps out of it. That’s because they are a symbol of class and wealth given how much of a luxury space is when travelling. Many enterprising individuals have noticed this and have thus launched their own limousine companies. However, no two limousine companies are the same. Someone looking to book a limousine for pick-up and drop-off may be overwhelmed by the amount of choice. It may be Read more [...]

Pearson Airport Adopts New Safety Measures to Guard against Runway Collisions

Many of us stress over whether to take a taxi or a limo to the airport or what to pack. There are many pre-flight things that could happen to ruin the trip. However, for the government of Canada, its chief worry is the safety of the flight itself. There was a recent incident reported by the Toronto Star, of an Envoy Flight almost colliding collide with a Westjet Boeing 737 that was preparing for its departure for St. John’s International Airport (Newfoundland and Labrador). Both aircraft were Read more [...]

Why Women Travelers Should Hire Chauffeured Services, Not Ride-Sharing Services

Irrespective of the rise in demand of ride-sharing services, many women travelers are relying on chauffeured services for their transportation. Whether they have an early morning flight to catch or a flight landing late at night, the popularity of chauffeured services is increasing among women travelers. There are several reasons for this. They are: 1) Safety Be it a public place or a private space, women are generally more are vulnerable to physical threats than men. When a woman needs to travel Read more [...]

How Traditional Taxi and Limo Services Can Compete with Uber-Like Services

Traditional taxi and limousine services have lead the transportation industry for a long time. But, the rise of ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft have captured the market and put a sizeable dent in the taxi and limo industry due to their flexibility, cost-effectiveness and accessibility. With the market disrupted, limo and taxi service providers need to make significant changes to their business strategies to better compete with ride-sharing services. Here are a few ways they can do so. 1) Read more [...]