How Traditional Taxi and Limo Services Can Compete with Uber-Like Services

Traditional taxi and limousine services have lead the transportation industry for a long time. But, the rise of ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft have captured the market and put a sizeable dent in the taxi and limo industry due to their flexibility, cost-effectiveness and accessibility. With the market disrupted, limo and taxi service providers need to make significant changes to their business strategies to better compete with ride-sharing services. Here are a few ways they can do so. 1) Read more [...]

Trudeau Government Introduces Air Passenger Bill of Rights

To address recent incidents involving airline passengers being forcefully removed from airlines, the Trudeau Government has announced an Air Passenger Bill of Rights. According to Transportation Minister, Marc Garneau, this new legislation will be implemented in 2018. Parties in favor of this Bill commend its efforts in protecting ticket holders with appropriate compensation for inconveniences as a result of the airline. However, opposing views state the Bill is a so called “skeleton”, missing Read more [...]

How Limousine Services Are Safer Than Uber-like Services

There’s a debate going on in many cities about which is the better transportation option; ride-sharing services like Uber, or traditional limousine and taxi services. For some people, the answer is obvious because they find Uber and Uber-like services easy, convenient and inexpensive. But the data shows a different picture, especially when it comes to safety concerns. No doubt, Uber and other cab services are affordable, but that doesn’t mean they are safer. According to ‘Who’s Driving You?’, Read more [...]

Toronto Pearson Airport Runway Project Is Finally Complete

Passengers traveling out of Toronto Pearson International Airport may have noticed an increase in flight delays over the last two months. News headlines are exposing the dissatisfaction of customers who have been stranded as a result. According to CP24 web reporter, Amara McLaughlin, this has been an unfortunate consequence of a recent construction initiative. On March 28th, 2017, a $30 million construction project began on Pearson’s longest runway. McLaughlin reports that Lars Olsson, manager Read more [...]

HOT Lanes May Help You Catch Your Flight

Over the years, the traffic congestion in Toronto has become noticeably worse for commuters. Whether you take public transportation or carpool with fellow colleagues, commute time can add up to an hour and a half of your day. This can pose a major problem for airline travelers who take taxis to Toronto airports during rush hour. However, the introduction of High-Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes on the QEW may be good news for those of us trying to check-in on time. Congestion Understanding the economic Read more [...]