Get Rid of Parking Worries with a Toronto Airport Taxi

There’s so much to consider when it comes to planning a trip, whether it’s for business or a family getaway. You need to have all your preparations ready in advance, from planning routes, luggage, accommodations, and return flights, to ensuring that there are no setbacks during the trip. However, one vital factor that is often forgotten is airport transportation. If you decide to drive your own car to the airport, there are a few problems that you may find yourself in. In today’s blog post, Read more [...]

How to Make the Most of Your Prom Date with a Limousine Service

The prom is the first adult social event for teenagers and is marked by fun celebrations with friends or a date. With just a couple of months until the prom season, teenagers across the country will be gearing up for celebrating one of the biggest milestones in their lives. Graduating from high school is a big achievement and families often splurge on this occasion to make this evening special and spectacular for their kids. However, whether you’ll be handling the arrangements all by yourself Read more [...]

How to Plan a Stress-Free Trip When Travelling in a Group

Travelling can be an awesome experience to enjoy with family, friends or colleagues. But when your trip involves a big group that requires planning for several other people than you, it can give you some serious headaches if you don’t make the right preparations in advance. Be it a fun vacation or a business trip, you need to ensure that your trip is smooth and painless. In today’s blog post, we’ll give you essential tips on planning a stress-free trip when you’re travelling with a big Read more [...]

How Hiring an Airport Limousine Can Save Your Time during Heavy Snowfall

Heavy snowfall makes it difficult for commuters to travel in the GTA. The harsh weather causes difficult driving conditions that often calls for extra caution and slowing down on the road. Whether you’re going on a vacation outside of Toronto with your family or you’re in the city on a business trip, the icy roads and flurries can cause a lot of road hassles and inconveniences causing a delay in reaching your destination. This is where hiring an airport limousine service can help by minimizing Read more [...]

Why You Should Hire a Luxury Limousine This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic time of the year. Every lovebird looks forward to this day as it’s an occasion to woo their partner with romantic gestures. In previous years, you may have ordered the best roses, yummiest chocolates, perfect cards and finest champagne. You may also have booked a table for candlelight dinner at posh restaurants. Why not make this Valentine’s Day extra special for the love of your life by treating them to a luxury limousine ride? A luxury limousine is Read more [...]