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7 Questions When Booking a London Airport Limo Over Taxi Service

Are you looking for the best transportation service between London, Ontario, and Pearson Airport? You have several options, including public transport, booking a taxi, or choosing a ridesharing service.
But they can’t offer the hassle-free or efficient service you want. Some passengers even complain of late arrivals, last-minute cancellations, and the poor vehicle condition.
But, when you hire an airport limo instead of a taxi, you are always assured of top quality service.
Their certified chauffeurs have extensive knowledge of their routes and always pick up and drop off their clients at the scheduled time. They also keep their vehicles in top condition.
Airline Limo is a reliable airport limo company dedicated to providing the best airport transportation services to passengers throughout the GTA. In this post, we discuss the most important questions that you should ask when booking an airport limo in London, Ontario.

Questions to Ask When You Book a London Airport Limo Over Taxi Services

It is important to gather all necessary information before hiring a limo service for smooth transportation between London, Ontario, and Pearson (although hiring a limo is always better than an airport taxi service). Here, we prepare a list of vital questions to ask your London airport limo service to make an informed decision.

1. What Types of Cars Are in Your Fleet?

When booking an airport limo service in London, Ontario, find out what kinds of cars are in their fleet. You will want to hire a car that accommodates you, your passengers, and your luggage. For instance, when travelling from London to Pearson with your spouse, you may hire a luxury sedan. But an airport SUV makes more sense if there are six to seven people travelling with you.

2. How Long Has the Company Been Around?

Always hire an airport limo company that has been in the industry for a long time. Usually, an experienced company recruits highly experienced drivers, maintains their vehicles well, and charges affordable rates.
With more than eight decades of experience, Airline Limo is considered one of the leading airport limo companies in the GTA. Our goal is to always provide premium service by taking all necessary steps to ensure problem-free airport transportation.

3. How Much Do You Charge?

Ask for a quote and what is included in the agreement. Airport Limo charges fixed rates with no hidden or extra costs involved.

4. Are the Chauffeurs Well-Trained?

Your safety is assured by your chauffeur. If they are not properly trained or licensed, you may be at greater risk of having an accident.
As a reputable airport limousine service provider, Airline Limo only recruits well-trained drivers. For passengers with disabilities, we offer wheelchair-accessible vans as well as attend to their needs during transportation.

5. What Steps Do You Take To Maintain Your Cars?

No one wants to travel in a car that is dirty or poorly maintained, so ask about their car maintenance process, including how they clean their vehicles. Besides cleaning, they must also ensure that your car is in good condition in order to avoid unexpected breakdowns.
Airline Limo does regular maintenance and thoroughly cleans between rides.

6. What Does Your Package Include?

Generally, London airport taxis only provide transportation with no added amenities. But if you hire a leading airport limo service such as Airline Limo, you’ll get a wide range of services such as music system, Wi-Fi, television, and snacks.

7. How Safe Is Your Service?

One of the most important benefits of hiring an airport limo is safety – something Airline Limo guarantees. For example, our chauffeurs undergo rigorous background checks. This combined with regular maintenance of our vehicles makes us the safest airport limo company in Ontario.
Now you are aware of all the important questions to ask when hiring a London airport limo instead of a taxi service. If you are still in doubt, get in touch with us. Our competitive pricing, professional chauffeurs, and luxury vehicles will suit your requirements. We guarantee that your airport transit is always on time and always efficient.