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9 Essential Qualities of a Great Chauffeur (2020 Update)

A good limousine service isn’t just about travelling in a luxurious and comfortable vehicle. A well-mannered and trained chauffeur is an integral part of the experience – one that can make or break your impression of the company.

After all, when you hire a limo, you’re not only looking for a relaxing ride but the extraordinary services of a great chauffeur. That’s why it’s important to focus on some of the essential qualities of the driver representing the company.

Important Characteristics of a Limousine Driver

A professional chauffeur needs a wide range of skills and qualities as they play a vital role in the day-to-day services provided by limo companies. So, if you’re planning to hire a limousine, your driver should have these characteristics, especially if their employer expects your repeat business.

1) Proper Licence and Certification

Before you look for the behavioural traits of a chauffeur, it’s necessary to know that they’re licenced to drive a limousine. A good chauffeur must have a proper driver’s licence and be certified by organizations like TransHelp.

2) Punctuality

It doesn’t matter how clean or luxurious the limo is if it doesn’t arrive on time. Making the client wait is a big no-no that makes a negative impression on the client. A well-trained chauffeur plans ahead and arrives at their destination before the scheduled time. This shows organizational skill and reliability.

3) Dressed Well

Dressing professionally – wearing a suit & tie and having a nice haircut – is an important aspect of exceptional chauffeuring. Imagine if your driver showed up wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Look for a limo service that guarantee well-groomed and uniformed chauffeurs. This indicates their dedication and commitment to the client experience.

4) Hospitality

Limos aren’t just for events or celebrations. They’re also key to getting clients to and from the airport, or to assist the disabled in getting to their destination. This makes hospitality a must-have quality in a chauffeur.

They should know when to open doors, when to help people out of the car and provide wheelchair assistance when needed.

That said, giving clients privacy when requested and being attentive to their overall needs are great ways to show hospitality and professionalism. Playing music requested by clients or having gum, mints or candies on hand are simple ways to go the extra mile.

5) Politeness

No matter your profession, if you deal with the public, politeness is key. It puts clients at ease, making communication easier. The overall customer satisfaction offered by a limo service largely depends on how the chauffeur behaves with clients. Engaging in conversation where appropriate, greeting passengers with a genuine smile and using positive words are just some of the important characteristics of a polite chauffeur.

limo with a chauffeur

6) Reliability

Reliability is an essential quality of a star chauffeur. When people hire a limo service, they rely on their driver to pick them up on time and get them to their destination safely. Showing up at the specified location and driving attentively are signs that prove their reliability.

7) Confidence

Not every day runs smoothly. A chauffeur may have to deal with unexpected traffic, passengers in a hurry to catch their flights or travellers recovering from motion sickness. But they should be able deal with these problems confidently and calmly. Showing confidence and performing under pressure assure clients that their chauffeur can deal with adverse situations.

8) Knowledge

Although GPS is everywhere, having a good sense of direction and local knowledge is still an essential quality of a great chauffeur. They should be aware of directions and major road construction projects to avoid delays and passenger inconvenience.

9) Attentiveness

Attention to detail is quintessential in a good chauffeur. They should anticipate passenger needs and ensure they have a positive travel experience. That means carrying umbrellas, tissues, shoe-shine cloths and sewing kits to help passengers in adverse situations such as sudden downpours, a wardrobe malfunction or accidental spills. This thoughtfulness and attentiveness will reflect well on the limo company.

To become a star chauffeur, drivers must have all these skills. Being polite, attentive, knowledgeable, confident, reliable and groomed not only makes a positive first impression on clients but adds to the overall performance of their employer. Simply put, a chauffeur with these talents paired with the right vehicle can ensure you have a great trip.