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Barrie Airport Limo Chauffeurs: Look for These Vital Traits

If you are travelling between Barrie and Pearson, you want to make sure that your airport transportation is comfortable and smooth. One of the best ways to ensure this is by hiring an airport limo in Barrie.

However, not all airport limousine chauffeurs are the same.

In this post, we discuss the key traits you should look out for in your chauffeur to ensure an enjoyable and hassle-free ride.

What Traits to Look for in Barrie Airport Limo Chauffeurs

A reliable airport limo chauffeur will take care of your needs from the time they pick you up to the time they drop you off at your gate. But the best ones do more than this. Below are the top qualities you must look into for your chauffeur.

1. They Should Be Punctual

When you are travelling, time is of the essence, which means you don’t want to be kept waiting at the airport. An experienced chauffeur should arrive around 15 minutes before their scheduled pick-up time to avoid any unforeseen circumstances such as traffic delays.

2. They Should Act Like a Pro

It is important that your licensed chauffeur be well-informed, respectful, and courteous. This includes welcoming you, opening and closing your door, and loading/unloading your luggage.

Moreover, they should wear a clean uniform, including a hat, tie, suit, and neat haircut. At Airline Limousine, our chauffeurs should always wear appropriate uniforms and carry ID cards.

They should also be friendly and eager to go the extra mile to ensure you are satisfied with their service.

3. They Should Have Excellent Communication Skills

Your Barrie airport limo chauffeur should be able to communicate effectively and clearly. That includes understanding and following directions.

4. They Should Know Local Roads

A good airport limousine chauffeur in Barrie should have a thorough knowledge of the area and be aware of the best routes to avoid traffic jams and construction.

airport limousine chauffeur in Barrie

5. They Should Service Their Vehicles Regularly

Every limo chauffeur should make sure their car is clean, properly maintained, and in excellent working order. This requires regular inspections and vehicle maintenance to ensure that it is reliable and safe.

6. They Should Drive Well

Good driving skills are one of the key traits you should expect in your chauffeur. Make sure that they have a clean driving record and are experienced in driving in all types of weather and traffic conditions. They should be able to handle unexpected situations, such as accidents or road closures, efficiently and without stress.

7. They Should Keep Their Clients Safe

An airport limo chauffeur should prioritize your safety at all times. This includes ensuring that their vehicle is in good working order, that they follow traffic laws and regulations, and take the right precautions to keep their clients safe. They should also be prepared to handle emergencies such as sudden breakdown of the vehicle, should they arise.

8. They Should Pay Attention to Their Clients’ Needs

An airport limousine chauffeur should anticipate their client’s needs and preferences and make the necessary adjustments to ensure an enjoyable ride.


When you hire an airport limo service in Barrie, you get a chauffeur with all these traits. So, you don’t have to worry as they can manage everything and ensure that the ride is stress-free and fast. If you want to travel between Barrie and Pearson Airport, contact Airline Limousine. We are a trusted airport limousine service provider, serving both individuals and business people in the GTA.