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Cheapest Ways of Commuting to and from the Toronto International Airport

Traveling to and from the Toronto International Airport can be quite a task on a weekday. However, there could be some cheap and easy ways you can opt for a have a comfortable commute. These options can be less exotic and pocket friendly.  The Toronto Transit Corporation has some very inexpensive ways of travel for you. Other than walking, you can always take the public transit. It will cost you 3 dollars and would be the best possible option if you are traveling from downtown Toronto to the airport terminals.

The other option that might be well suited for you could be the shuttle bus service that can cost you 5 dollars and more depending on the company you choose. This could be a faster alternative as well. The Toronto Airport Express Shuttle runs daily buses from a variety of locations in downtown Toronto to the International airport after every half an hour. This can be the fastest option and can cost you 35 Canadian dollars. A round trip on the other hand may cost you only 38 Canadian dollars. This can be cheap in case you want to avoid the taxi and not have a car at your disposal.

You could also use Go Transit. This is a shuttle bus company that has buses from Yorkdale and the York Mills stations after every 25 minutes. The total stoppage time is nil and travel time is not more than half an hour. There are frequent bus services from Brampton and Richmond Hill.

If you have a car, the easiest way is to drive to the airport on your own. There are many self-parking lots in the airport. These allow you to leave your car for an indefinite period of time and you can fly after you have coupons issued from the parking authorities at the airport. You can leave your car in the lot for many days but make sure you do have a coupon with you if you plan a long trip out of Toronto. When you fly back to the city, you can easily drive your car back home.