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Guide to Business Travel Tips for Corporate Travellers

A Complete Guide to Business Travel Tips for Corporate Travellers

The job of corporate travellers may look glamorous, but it can be stressful if not dealt with carefully. They have to maintain their schedules, follow-up with their clients and report their work to superiors. They are responsible for completing many tasks apart from travelling. That’s why it takes a lot of patience and management skills to be a corporate traveller.

Guide to Business Travel Tips

If you’re a frequent traveller for work, then this blog-post goes over some travel tips that will come handy in the long-run, making your business trips smoother.

Before You Travel

A lot of planning and scheduling is needed in this stage because being well prepared can save a lot of time down the line. This is a crucial factor when you’re a corporate traveller as it’s likely you’ll be taking back-to-back flights for your work. Here are a few helpful tips that will help you plan better.

• Find out your travel schedule

You should find out your travelling dates beforehand so that you can plan your work and schedule your meetings with clients. If your travelling dates are clashing with clients meeting dates, then postponing or preponing your travel dates might be needed. Also, if the country you’re travelling to is celebrating a national holiday, then you travelling there for work might be a waste of time. Make sure you avoid such situations with clear communication and planning.

• Pre-book an airport limo

Many corporate travellers opt for an airport limo in Etobicoke or from other parts of the GTA. That’s because this service is professional, reliable and comes with several perks such as onboard entertainment, wi-fi access and chauffeurs. By pre-booking this service, you can save time and not worry about missing the flight or meeting. Plus, by travelling in a limo, you can leave a good impression on your clients which can help you in the future when conducting negotiations.

• Take a print of your itinerary

Apart from keeping all the information on your phone, it is also wise to keep a print of your itinerary. This is because in case you lose your phone or it runs out of battery, then you’ll still be covered.

• Keep your official documents in order

From passport to visa; your official documents should be in order to avoid unnecessary delays at the airport when you’re travelling. If you’re flying to a foreign country, then make sure you apply for the visa prior to your flying date. This is because the procedure for getting a visa can be longer depending on the country you’re travelling to.

Health Tips

Travelling can be tough on your body, as well as your mind. It’s best to take care of the former to ease the latter.

• Cut down on alcohol consumption

It’s best to not drink on the day of your travel because it can dehydrate your body and increase jet lag. Also, if you have a meeting right after you land, then puffed eyes or a dehydrated body might not let you deliver to the best of your ability.

• Eat healthy and light foods

Avoiding heavy foods when you’re travelling is the best approach. Many travellers tend to feel sick and eating rich foods can make it worse. So, try to snack on light foods such as a lightly dressed sandwich or a wrap and stick to beverages like a coffee or juice.

• Keep free treats

When you travel on a regular basis, you tend to get many perks which can include free food and beverages. If you’re not hungry, then you can keep them for later when you’re hungry and travelling.

• Workout for half an hour

From reducing stress, increasing productivity to decreasing jet lag; there are many ways exercising can help you when travelling. Most hotels have a gym or if that’s not available, then you can take a walk in the hotel lobby.

Packing Tips

Packing plays a vital role in corporate travellers’ lives. You should be smart enough to pack what you need and don’t overpack your luggage with unnecessary things. Some other good rules of thumb are:

• Invest in good-quality luggage

Good luggage can make your travelling easy. You should invest in lightweight and durable luggage that comes with a warranty. Also, try and stick to bringing with you just one check-in bag and a laptop bag to save time at the airport.

• Roll and fold your clothes

Rolling your clothes is a smart way to make more room in your luggage. But this is only applicable for informal clothes like shorts and tees. When you’re travelling for business, you need to pack suits and trousers, so, iron, fold and settle them well in the bag.

• Pack less

You should pack what you need and maybe one extra outfit because emergencies might occur at any time. This will avoid making your bag heavy with unnecessary clothes and accessories.

• Always keep one bag packed (Optional)

If you have back-to-back flights, then you should always pack one bag and keep it ready. When you travel regularly, you learn about the things you need. Keeping another bag ready will save you time and energy.

These are some of the tried and tested tips that will definitely help you when you’re travelling. Try to incorporate these suggestions when you’re travelling next and make your life simple. Always remember, planning is the key to a successful and easy business trip. Also, make sure you book an airport limo on time and also keep the documentation ready for making your tour hassle-free and a happy one!