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Cambridge Airport Limo

Dos and Don’ts When Riding in a Cambridge Airport Limo

There is no denying that riding a Cambridge Airport Limo is a great experience. Whether you are alone or with family, travelling between Cambridge, Ontario, and Pearson in a limo is comfortable, relaxing, and luxurious.

In order to ensure that you experience hassle-free and memorable airport transportation, here are certain dos and don’ts that you need to follow.

Let’s find out what they are.

Riding in a Cambridge Airport Limo: Basic Dos and Don’ts

Here are certain protocols that you should follow in order to make your limo ride even more enjoyable.


Decide Beforehand the Number of People Who Will Accompany You 

In order to help your airport limo service in Cambridge serve you the best, tell them in advance how many people will be travelling with you. Of course, there is always the possibility of last-minute passengers, so alert them to any such changes right away. This will help the airport limo company offer you the most comfortable ride.

Always Keep the Airport Limo in the Best Condition

Always take your belongings with you when you exit the vehicle. That includes taking any trash with you.

If you want to eat or drink in your limo, be respectful by not spilling anything.

Be Punctual 

Certain things are out of your control, like delayed flights and traffic jams, but make sure you are always punctual. Remember: your time is precious and so is your chauffeur’s.

Airport Limo

It is also vital to remember that the limo driver transporting you between Pearson and Milton, Cambridge, or elsewhere in the GTA, is well aware of the best routes and their peak traffic hours. But they can’t control external circumstances. Therefore, if you are caught in traffic, it’s vital that you not panic or become angry. This will not only ruin your mood but impact your chauffeur.

Follow These Rules to Enter and Exit the Car

Compared to a Cambridge airport taxi service or other public transport, the way you enter or exit an airport limo may be different but not harder. Here is an easy guide on how to do this properly:

  • Allow your chauffeur to open your car door.
  • Sit down in the empty seat.
  • Swing in your legs and move along the seats until you get to your preferred seat.
  • When you exit the car, wait for your chauffeur to open your door.
  • Swing your legs out and stand up.


Never Break the Rules

Airport limo companies try to satisfy their customers as much as they can by accommodating their requirements. However, they will never tolerate any kind of harmful or illegal activities such as the use of substances inside the car. They will always prioritize the safety and comfort of passengers, their employees, and other pedestrians.

Don’t Abuse the Limo Chauffeur

Remember, your chauffeur is being paid to drive you safely to the airport but they are not your servant. They are highly professional and will remain alert and focused when driving. If any issue arises, never shout at them or abuse them in any way. Just get in touch with customer service to sort out the matter.

Riding a Cambridge airport limo is all about style, luxury, and comfort. By following these protocols, you make your travel more enjoyable and develop excellent rapport with the airport limo service provider. To learn more about airport limos, call our experts now.