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Guidelines for First-Time Limousine Renters

Hiring a limousine service is a great way to get rid of your anxiety and fear of travelling around a city, especially one you may never have visited before. It will keep you from worrying about issues like going from and to the airport or finding your hotel. You will be travelling in luxury without the fear of getting lost.

limo service toronto

If you’re thinking of hiring a limousine for the first time, follow these guidelines to achieve the best results.

  • Size of the limousine

Determine the number of people who will be travelling in the limo before you make the booking. This will make it easier for you to choose a limo-size which is suitable for your party. Limousines are available in various styles and sizes. It offers a luxurious ride along with comfortable seating and plenty of space. You can consider renting a smaller limo if there are fewer people travelling with you.

  • Present the itinerary

You should present your itinerary to the chauffeur as soon as possible, preferably before the ride begins. It is important for him/her to know about all the stops and addresses he/she is expected to travel to well in advance. This ensures that there isn’t any difficulty during the pick-up or drop-off. Furthermore, informing him/her of all the stops beforehand allows him/her to figure out the best route possible for your desired locations and avoid traffic as much as possible.

  • Always ask questions

You can be frank and ask any questions you may have prior to renting a limousine service for the first time. Ask about the costs and the additional services you will receive. You can ask questions about the chauffeur and find out about how experienced he/she is. Also, don’t be hesitant to ask about anything that may make you uncomfortable during the ride. It is understandable that you need to be absolutely sure about your limousine hire.

  • Avoid smoking in the car

Smoking is dangerous to your health and the health of others around you. In certain cities, it is illegal to smoke inside a moving vehicle altogether. When a passenger smokes inside the vehicle, it harms the interiors. The smoke causes the interiors to turn grey and yellowish in certain cases. The air conditioning is affected too. If the rider isn’t very careful, he/she could end up dropping ash inside the car or may even burn the seats. Hence smoking inside a limo must be avoided at all costs. Certain rental companies also have a rule forbidding you from smoking inside the vehicle to protect the interiors.

  • Ask for a business card

If you want the business card of your chauffeur, you should ask for it before getting in the limousine. It’s best to ask for the chauffeur’s details before the trip begins as there is a possibility that you may forget it at the end of your trip. It can also help you later if you want to hire the chauffeur personally sometime.

  • State special requests early on

If you have any special requirements or requests you want to make, it is best to do so when making the reservation. For example, if you want liquor in the vehicle or some specific sweets or snacks that you like, it is best to ask for them beforehand. This gives the limo company a chance to arrange for everything before the car reaches your pick-up location and avoid wasting any time once you have boarded.

Limousine rides are one of the best ways to make any day feel special. If you have never before hired a chauffeured limo service, these guidelines can help you. It can ensure a safe and smooth ride for all passengers.