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Hummer vs. Stretch Limo: Which Should You Choose?

Limousines are popular thanks to their attractive design and world-class amenities. They are regarded as the most luxurious mode of transportation for special events such as weddings and birthdays, and vary a lot in terms of their style, facilities, and size. In fact, almost everyone dreams of being chauffeured around in a lavish limo.

But sometimes bigger is better, so let’s compare two of the biggest: stretch and Hummer limousines.

What Are the Differences Between Stretch & Hummer Limousines?

Both stretch and Hummer limousines are the epitome of luxury and excess, but there are differences. Let’s examine what they are before you book a pre-arranged limo to or from Pearson Airport so you can decide which is best.


When discussing the lengths of limousines, you may come across about the term ‘auto’. This signifies the length of the extended portion of the limo. The main difference between a Hummer and a stretch limo is the length of their autos.

Since a stretch is longer than a Hummer limo, the former can carry more people (15 to 20 vs. 8 to 10).

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High-Quality Services and Luxury

A Hummer limo surely wins when it comes to luxury and high-quality services. It is also known for its flashiness and colourful lights. Its exclusive body, alloy rims, glossy paint, and attractive front end can draw your attention from a distance. Its many amenities include multiple TV screens and luxurious seating to get your party into a party mood.

Stretch limousines are essentially regular limousines that have been extended, so passengers only have access to limited options such as a video and sound system.

Purpose of Hiring a Limo

Both limousines may be used for a variety of purposes. Because a stretch limo is regarded as a more sophisticated vehicle, it is mostly used by groups of people to reach the airport or attend serious events such as conferences or meetings. Although a Hummer limousine may be used for the same purposes, they are mostly hired to transport customers to special events such as bachelor parties, birthday parties, and discos.

Being aware of the different types of limousines, including the differences between stretch and Hummer models, is amust before you decide to hire one. Both are good options, but base your decision on the purpose of your booking, the number of passengers, and the amenities you want. To learn more about airport limo taxi services in Ontario, consult our experts.