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Enjoy Luxury at Its Best with Airline Limo in Caledon

Travelling between Caledon and Toronto’s Pearson Airport can be difficult if you hit traffic. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire an airport transportation service that will cater to your needs, whether you are on a family vacation or a business trip. Driving to Pearson, especially during rush hour, can be a nightmare. But airport limo services in Caledon provide the most sophisticated, relaxing and luxurious mode of transportation. With skilled and professional chauffeurs, the experience of riding a limo is even more reliable.

In this post, Toronto’s leading airport limo service discusses the top-class amenities available when you hire them.

Enjoy Premium Amenities When Travelling in an Airport Limo from Caledon 

Below are the top amenities available in an airport limousine when travelling between Caledon and Pearson.

1. Luxurious Cars

The airport transportation services between Caledon, Ontario, and Pearson Airport employ multiple airport limos that differ in size and features. Airline Limousine has a fleet of over 165 cars that includes SUVs, sedans and wheelchair-accessible vehicles. An SUV limousine is perfect if you are travelling with friends or colleagues as it accommodates up to seven people. A stylish sedan limo can seat up to four passengers. Select your vehicle based on your needs, the style you prefer, and your budget.

2. Uniformed and Licensed Chauffeurs

Unlike airport taxis, limos are driven by uniformed and experienced chauffeurs. The safety and comfort of customers are the top priority of leading airport limo companies like Airport Limousine. That’s why their drivers are only hired after their backgrounds are thoroughly verified. Moreover, limo drivers need to update their knowledge and skills regularly. That includes knowing the fastest and most direct routes to Pearson so you always reach your destination on time.

3. Safety Features

Airport limos are equipped with advanced safety features. These include:

  • A partition between passenger and driver
  • Fitted seatbelts
  • Pre-collision brakes
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Blind spot monitoring systems

All these features are coupled with the experience of your chauffeur to ensure your utmost safety when travelling.

4. Modern Video and Stereo Systems

Certain airport limos have state-of-the-art technology like LCD screens, video systems, TVs and Wi-Fi. In this way, you can browse the internet or watch your favourite movies when travelling to the airport. Caledon airport limos also have high-end stereos.

5. Comfortable Seats for Relaxing 

Limo seats are thick, supple, upholstered, and soft. They are also made from leather to ensure your maximum safety when travelling. These seats are quite welcome when you hire a limousine after a long flight.

6. Tinted Windows 

Airport limos have tinted windows to ensure your privacy.

7. Intercom System

This system keeps the chauffeur and passengers connected when there is a partition between them. Plus, there are LED warning lights to point out if your conversation is audible inside the driver’s cabin.

8. Exclusive Multimedia Features

When you are travelling for long hours, you will likely have to charge your phone. Fortunately, many limos have a charging station to charge a laptop, smartphone, or other devices so you may work or relax without any disruption. This is especially beneficial for those who have to travel frequently for business, where staying connected is a necessity.

These are the useful features you can expect from the best airport limo companies in Caledon.  For quick and reliable airport transit, contact Airline Limousine. Though we have been the top choice of Ontario businesses for years, we pride ourselves on being able to offer deluxe and affordable comfort to every traveller.