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Why Choosing an Airport Limo to Pearson Is a Ride to Remember

How you get to and from Pearson can play a big role in your travelling experience. Would you rather fail to hail a cab on a hot and crowded street or make your trip one to remember by hiring an airport limousine? Apart from being luxurious, hiring an airport taxi has many other perks we’ve outlined here.

Why Is Choosing an Airport Limo to Pearson Your Best Bet?

Whether you’re going on vacation or a business trip, how you get to the airport can make or break the start of your journey. Keep reading to learn why hiring an airport limousine service is your best mode of transportation.

1) Timely Pickup and Drop-Off

No one wants to miss their flight. That’s why hiring a Pearson airport limousine is a great idea. All you need to do is enter the time, date and location of your pickup and drop-off and the chauffeur will be there for you.

2) Assured Ride

Imagine booking a cab to the airport that never shows. Imagine driving to Pearson but getting a flat on the way or, more likely, hitting bumper-to-bumper traffic on the 401. With an airport limo, getting to Pearson on time and in one piece is guaranteed.

3) Work While You Travel

For many of us, our business lives are hectic and we grab whatever moments we can to get work done, even on the way to the airport. With Wi-Fi to work on your laptop and a partition between you and your driver, an airport limo can be your temporary office. And you don’t have to worry about getting to Pearson on time.

4) Assistance from Local Chauffeurs

An added advantage of hiring an airport limo is having access to knowledgeable chauffeurs familiar with local routes and how to avoid traffic. This is especially helpful for clients who are new to Toronto. Airport limo drivers go through extensive training to ensure you enjoy your ride to Pearson.


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5) Fixed Rates

If you’ve used Uber or other ride-sharing service, you know about surge pricing. These services depend on supply and demand and elevate fares when demand rises. But airport limos work via fixed rates. Within the GTA, for example, prices are predetermined based on the time and distance to your destination so prices don’t fluctuate.

6) Luxury and Sophistication

Limousines are associated with style, sophistication and luxury as they’re equipped with high-end amenities like navigation systems, leg room and leather seats. When you ride in an airport limo, you get treated like a celebrity, so recline and relax for the ultimate peace of mind.

7) Wheelchair Accessibility

People with mobility issues often have difficulty finding vehicles to accommodate their wheelchairs and drivers to assist them. A reputable airport limousine service will let you book wheelchair-accessible vans driven by TransHelp-approved drivers trained to provide first aid, CPR and attend to the needs of the disabled.  The drivers are adept in operating the hydraulic lifts used to move wheelchairs and they ensure your safety during the ride.

8) Safety

Hiring an airport limousine means you have  a professional, well-trained and experienced chauffeur at your service. They’re hired after having their backgrounds verified and go through rigorous training to provide excellent airport transportation service with guaranteed safety to their customers.

Unlike ride-sharing services like Uber where the safety of passengers, especially women, is uncertain, limousine services guarantee customer safety. Drivers are licensed and vehicles are fully insured.

With a Pearson airport limousine, you’re sure to get world-class services and ride with luxury and comfort at reasonable prices. Not only does it make airport transportation a breeze but it also gives you celebrity-like treatment. Prompt pickups and drop-offs with clean and hygienic vehicles and courteous chauffeurs make airport limo services stand out from other modes of transport. If you’re going to or returning from Toronto Pearson Airport, make sure you book a limo to get a ride to remember.