Airline Limo Is Also Available for Passenger Fares from Niagara or Buffalo Airport Travelling to the Greater Toronto Area. Call Us for Prices!

Toronto Airport Limo: A Blessing in Disguise for Tourists!

Arriving at the largest city in Canada; the facilities of airport limo are sure to make you feel welcome and privileged. A simple routine exercise of a vehicle transporting you to your hotel or home or place of business is transformed into an experience of sumptuous comfort and pleasure.

For foreigners, the Toronto Airport Limo service offers the facility of availing of a chauffeur who speaks a language familiar to the traveler. This chauffeur waits at the appointed hour for the passenger to de-board his or her flight at the airport and then takes charge of ensuring that the passenger’s luggage is collected and placed inside the car. The chauffeur also makes sure that ancillary utilities like water, coffee, tea, newspapers, blankets are available for the passenger’s use during the drive into the city.

All cars which form the fleet of the Toronto Airport Limo Service are extremely well-maintained and fitted with GPRS tracking devices. The movement of each car is tracked at a control room thereby making this one of the safest modes of transportation especially for new comers or tourists to the city.

Travelers are advised to avail of the airport limo for a comfortable, convenient and safe travel at an economical cost.