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What Are Limousine Companies Doing to Stop COVID-19’s Spread?

Our lives have been upended in many ways thanks to COVID-19 travel restrictions. The virus continues to spread, and we have to wonder how safe mass transit and airport taxi are. During these unusual times, limousine companies (including Airline Limo) have taken strict measures to minimize risk to both passengers and chauffeurs.

Safety Measures That Make Premium Airport Limousines Better Than Ordinary Airport Taxis

While taxis are a popular mode of airport transportation, they’re arguably not as hygienic or comfortable as airport limos as cabbies don’t always have the chance to clean between fares. Airport limousines, on the other hand, have the latitude to focus more on their passengers’ well-being and take measures to ensure their safety.


4 Safety Measures Taken by Chauffeurs

  • Disinfecting Vehicles Before and After Every Ride

Limousine companies are thoroughly sanitizing their fleet before and after each trip, so you can rest assured that you’re travelling in a clean vehicle. They disinfect all high-touch surfaces, including their steering wheel and all seats, armrests, door handles, headrests, window buttons, ceiling lights, phone chargers and air vents.

  • Health and Wellness Screening

Chauffeurs undergo temperature screenings using no-touch thermometers at the beginning and end of each shift. If they have any sign of illness, their rides are reassigned and they’re sent to a medical professional immediately.
In addition, chauffeurs are required to wear a protective face mask that covers their nose and mouth and surgical or latex gloves when driving or handling passenger luggage. They must maintain a distance of two meters from passengers and are restricted from touching their own face, eyes or mask during working hours. Chauffeurs also use disinfectant sprays and hand sanitizers before and after every ride.

  • Keeping the Front Seat Vacant

As a measure to mitigate contact and conversation, they are leaving the front seat vacant. They also only allow two passengers per trip to ensure social distancing.

  • Ensuring Proper Air Circulation

Drivers are required to keep their car’s air systems off of the recirculation setting and let fresh air enter through vents. This can reduce the effectiveness of air conditioning, but a little discomfort is better than blowing germs around an enclosed area.
A Few Added Measures:

  • Chauffeurs will have complimentary disposable masks and hand wipes for clients, if required.
  • They are constantly sent reminders to use hand sanitizers and follow other risk reduction protocols.
  • Transparent plastic partitions are available in any vehicle upon the passenger’s request.
  • All applicable pickups or drop-offs must be “express/curbside” as chauffeurs are restricted from entering airports, workplaces or residences.
  • Physical contact (like shaking hands) and sharing of any object between chauffeurs and passengers is strictly prohibited.

4 Safety Measures for Passengers

  • Avoid Riding Sick

If you’re sick and still travelling, you’re putting the chauffeur’s and other people’s health at risk. While your chauffeur will take every necessary precaution to ensure your safety, you should be considerate of their health as well. Passengers who feel sick or have tested positive for COVID-19 should cancel their booking right away.

  • Cover Up

The coronavirus can be contracted by touching contaminated persons or surfaces, and even through the air. So, passengers must protect themselves by wearing masks (preferably N95), gloves and clothes that cover the skin. If you’re not using disposable gloves, make sure you wash your hands after every use and disinfectant them before heading out.

  • Mind Your Hands

Once your car arrives, let the chauffeur open the door. Once you get in, keep your hands and elbows to yourself. In case you do touch something, sanitize your hands immediately and don’t touch your face. Want the window up or down? Ask the driver to do it. If you feel a sneeze or cough coming on, use a handkerchief or do it into your elbow. If the chauffeur appears to be sick (fever, coughing, or sneezing), contact the limousine company right away.

  • Carry Alcohol Wipes

Although limousine companies are taking extra precautions and safety measures, it’s almost impossible that all surfaces will be clean at all times. Consider carrying alcohol wipes to clean the seat cover, headrest, door handles, touchscreen and any other surface that you’re likely to touch.

Tip Your Chauffeur for Taking All the Required Safety Measures

Airport limousines services, like many other businesses right now, are going through a rough phase and so chauffeurs are earning a lot less. Although tips are not usually encouraged, the pandemic calls for a different kind of response. If your chauffeur has taken proper precautions to keep you safe and comfortable, please repay their effort with a humble tip. That little amount you add to a $30 ride could make a big difference in their lives.

The world hasn’t dealt with a situation like this in a century. As responsible citizens, all we can do is follow preventive measures to keep health and hygiene issues at bay. Travel only when you must, and follow these safety rules when riding in a limousine. Most importantly, stay positive and maintain your composure. Remember, tough times don’t last but tough people do.