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Why Women Travelers Should Hire Chauffeured Services, Not Ride-Sharing Services

Irrespective of the rise in demand of ride-sharing services, many women travelers are relying on chauffeured services for their transportation. Whether they have an early morning flight to catch or a flight landing late at night, the popularity of chauffeured services is increasing among women travelers.

There are several reasons for this. They are:

1) Safety

Be it a public place or a private space, women are generally more are vulnerable to physical threats than men. When a woman needs to travel in odd hours of the day, especially in an unfamiliar city, then safety is a chief concern.

Unfortunately, many ride-sharing services (including Uber) have so far failed to keep women passengers safe. Thankfully, unlike ride-sharing services, limousine services have picked up the slack. Drivers are professional chauffeurs, vetted by the company based on competency, work history and thorough background checks.

2) Time Saving

Booking a ride-sharing service can be time-consuming if the ride-pool option is chosen, or if there’s a surge. The driver picks up other passengers and drops them to their respective destinations in the order of booking. If the women traveler books the car last, then she has to wait until everyone is dropped off. If there’s a surge, then she would have to wait alone until a car near her is free.

On the contrary, limo or chauffeured services wait for you at your pickup location and drive you directly to your destination. Women passengers can book the ride beforehand and alert the staff about their arrival or departure online or offline.

3) Reliability

Airline limousine chauffeurs are trained in customer service. They offer you best-in-class transportation without compromising on your safety. On the other hand, reliability is a concern when it comes to ride-sharing services, as demonstrated by the number of criminal incidences against them. The chauffeurs are covered by a stringent set of company rules, unlike the drivers of ride-sharing services who are independent contractors and can’t be held responsible for damages.

4) Availability

Booking a ride-sharing service during rush hour is extremely difficult. Even if you book one, it charges additional fees or can take a long time to arrive due to traffic congestion. But, if you hire a chauffeur service, it will be available for you at the time you specify. If you’re a woman and want to travel during the busiest hours of the day, then booking a professional limousine service is the best bet.

Travel with comfort, class and luxury by hiring a reliable chauffeur service. It is the safest, quickest and most punctual mode of transportation for female passengers. By booking one, you can travel to your destination without worrying.