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10 Safety Tips for Booking a Taxi From Toronto Pearson Airport

When you visit Toronto for the first time, finding an airport taxi from Pearson is as important as booking a nice place to stay. The moment you exit the terminal, you need a taxi to take you to your destination.

However, booking a cab is not always easy. There are other commuters to compete with, and your lack of familiarity with the ins and outs of the city can make getting around difficult at first.

Anxieties about being in a new city, riding in a cab with a stranger and not being sure if they are charging a fair fare are common. That’s why you should follow these safety tips when booking a taxi from Toronto Pearson.

10 Safety Tips to Follow When Taking a Toronto Pearson Airport Taxi

When booking an airport taxi from Toronto Pearson, you should follow these tips to make sure you have a safe, hassle-free experience.

1) Look for a Badge, a Meter and Radio

When you book an airport taxi, make sure you look for the driver’s badge, meter and radio before stepping into their vehicle. If you don’t see all of these, look for another cab. All licensed taxis are equipped with a meter to determine the fare and radio to take dispatcher calls. The driver is also required to display their ID badge; this is proof that they’re licensed to operate a taxi in the city.

2) Call a Cab Instead of Hailing One

Instead of hailing a cab at the airport, it’s advisable to book an airport limousine in advance. This is particularly important if you’re a woman travelling alone. These limos are operated by licensed chauffeurs who are only hired after an extensive background check, to ensure your safety. The car number will be shared with you so you can find the vehicle easily.

3) Know Your Destination

When in a new city, you need to know where you’re going. If you’re not familiar with the route, use GPS. Having a navigation system will help you avoid potential risks of theft or kidnapping, especially if you’re doubtful where the cab driver is taking you. It’s advisable to get out of the vehicle as soon as possible if the driver is acting suspiciously or your instincts suggest there’s something fishy.

4) Keep Your Bags Next to You

Try to avoid putting your bags in the trunk, especially if the taxi driver suggests it, as they might drive off with your belongings. Instead, keep your bags next to you. If you end up accidentally putting your luggage in the trunk, don’t get out of the taxi until the driver does too.

5) Do Your Homework

There are many travel blogs and websites offering tips and useful information. Browse these sites and learn about taxi fares in Toronto so you don’t get scammed. Limo services offer a flat fare to ensure you won’t be overcharged.


6) Carry Small Bills

Never pay with large notes; carry sufficient small bills to avoid getting the wrong change. Also, pay special attention to the local currency if you’re not from Canada as it increases the likelihood of a scam.

7) Check for Phone Numbers

Legitimate airport taxi companies generally have their phone number advertised on the vehicle’s door. If your cab doesn’t have a phone number, that is a red flag. Getting into a cab without a company phone number is risky.

8) Store Expensive Items in Your Bag

Thieves and scam artists target expensive items like smartphones, cameras, tablets, laptops and jewellery. Store these items (and your wallet) in your bag and zip them up for safety, but keep your smartphone handy. Then, place the bag between your feet so it’s neither visible nor easily reachable.

9) Refuse to Share Your Cab with a Stranger

Although ride-sharing can save you money, it makes you more vulnerable to theft. Even if you meet someone on your plane going who offers to split a cab, politely decline. It may sound great, but sharing a cab with a stranger can put you in danger. Your best bet is to book an airport limousine in which you are the only passenger.

10) Keep Conversation Strictly Professional

Avoid personal conversations with your cabbie. The less you engage in small talk, the safer you will be and the less the cab driver will know about you. Remember, you’re under no obligation to answer personal questions if you’re not comfortable or interested.

Keep your ride safe by following these tips when booking an airport taxi from Toronto Pearson. If you want to eliminate the risk of getting into a dangerous situation, choose a reliable airport limousine service. It is safe, convenient, stress-free and trustworthy.