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How to Hire an Airport Limousine: 12 Easy Steps for First-Timers

No one wants to miss their flight. That’s where reliable transportation, like an airport limousine, comes in.
Airport limos are not only comfortable but safe to travel. From picking you up on time to managing your luggage, they’re the best way to make your flight without rushing.
For the best possible experience, make sure you choose the right limo service, because not doing so can cost you time, money and mental peace. If you’ve never hired one, follow this step-by-step guide to get the most value and ensure a comfortable ride.

12 Easy Steps to Hiring an Airport Limousine for the First Time

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Step 1: Do Your Research

Ask friends, co-workers and acquaintances for their airport limo suggestions first.
Then, go online. Look for companies with four-star ratings and above. Which have tons of reviews on Yelp or Google Reviews? Just beware of fake reviews written by the same person. These often have similarly bad grammar and word choices.

Step 2: Get Quotes

Contact the companies on your shortlist for quotes. How do they compare? Which are within your budget?

Step 3: Check Their Credentials

It’s important to hire a limousine company that’s authorized to operate at your airport. Make sure they have liability insurance, licensed drivers and are certified for commercial operations. Also, ask if their drivers go through criminal background checks.

Step 4: Ask About Their Fleet

Reputable airport limousine service provider often have a versatile fleet of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs and wheelchair-accessible vans, to cater to its customers’ various needs. Make sure you ask about the types of luxury vehicles they have so you can hire the one that meets your requirement. For example, if you’re travelling alone, a sedan is a good choice as it can accommodate up to four passengers and three bags. If you’re with family and need more space, book an SUV that accommodates up to six passengers and five bags.

Step 5: Find Out What Their Services Include

Many limousine companies charge flat rates for airport transfers but add fees for fuel, waiting, parking, tolls and cleaning to the bill. Avoid last-minute surprises by asking in advance what features and services are included in the final bill to avoid unexpected charges.

Step 6: Determine Your Method and Timing of Payment

Eliminate stress from your airport travel by leaving no room for errors or confusion. Some limo companies want to get paid in advance; others ask to settle the bill upon arrival at your destination. And ask how they want to get paid. Is cash okay or do they prefer debit or credit card?

Step 7: Review the Features You Want In the Vehicle

Hiring an airport limousine service can give you access to many amazing features. These include Wi-Fi; smartphone, laptop and tablet charging points; refreshments; a smart TV; surround sound; gentle lighting; and generous legroom. Not all limos feature these amenities so verify which ones yours does.

Step 8: Reserve Early

Limousines are one of the most reliable modes of airport transportation so can be high in demand. Waiting until the last moment to book a ride means you’re unlikely to get the vehicle you want on the specified date and time. Instead, book your limo at least two days before your flight to get the ride of your choice.

Step 9: Confirm Your Pickup

You will get your driver’s contact details and vehicle number on your day of travel. It’s a good idea, though, to call the limousine company the day before to confirm your reservation and all other details. This eliminates confusion and leaves no room for unpleasant surprises.

Step 10: Be Prepared for the Worst

Even when you hire a trustworthy limo company, being a vigilant passenger is the smart choice. Find out who you should contact with any complaints or concerns before, during or after your ride. Ask about their cancellation policy and the name, number and email of the concerned authority and keep that information with you during the ride.

Step 11: Verify Details Before Getting In the Vehicle

Once your driver arrives, crosscheck the details shared by the limousine company, like the vehicle’s licence plate number, to ensure your safety.

Step 12: Tip Your Chauffeur

Once your chauffeur drops you at the airport, tip them 15-20% of your total fare if you’re happy with their services and if it isn’t included on the bill.

When hiring an airport limousine, be sure of a few important points. Hire a credible company. Make sure their drivers are licensed and have no criminal record. Do they have a track record for on-time pickup and drop off? Choose the right vehicle in advance. Booking a limo for the first time is easier when you follow this beginner’s guide.