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4 Essential Items to Bring with You While Travelling

Whether going on a vacation or a business trip, it’s important to have the essentials packed if you want to minimize stress. Layovers and flight delays can have you sitting around for hours at a time in an airport, unable to leave. Many people think that packing and flight preparations end when you finish booking your tickets, selected the best airport limo service to reach the airport on time, and made sure everything is locked up at home.

There’s more to it than that however.

Having the right items with you during your trip can ensure a hassle-free and entertaining experience.

Today’s post is about 4 essential items to carry while travelling. Let’s look at the checklist.

1) Headphones or Earphones

You have your smartphone with you, but can’t listen to music because you forgot your earphones? Ouch! That hurts.

From the airport limo to in-flight time could turn into a boring experience if you don’t carry good ear- or headphones with you. Sure, most airports will sell them, but at a high mark up. Even then, the quality of the item usually isn’t very good.

Make sure that you pack a pair of good quality earphones in your luggage and enjoy your favourite music during the flight. You can also carry some listening device such as an iPod, in the case your smartphone gets too low on battery, or gets switched off.

2) Adaptable Charger & Portable Battery

A drained cell phone battery is the biggest nightmare for any traveller. No GPS, messaging or even access to important documents will be available to you.

To avoid this issue, remember to bring an adaptable charger. Pack your USB charger in your carry-on luggage so that you have the accessibility even in the flight. Having a portable battery charger serves a similar function.

3) Extra Pillows

If you have a long flight, then packing some additional pillows is a good idea. In the absence of proper body support while travelling, you may experience stiffness or a backache. Carrying lower back pillows and neck pillows will help you avoid flight fatigue and discomfort on longer flights.

4) Valid ID

Having valid photo identification is necessary to board a flight. Make sure that you have your passport or any other government approved cards like driver’s license, health card, etc. with you while flying. The best way to remember this important item is to keep it with your flight tickets.

Before calling the airport limo or taxi, take a few minutes to double check you have all your essential items. These small essentials are easy to forget and difficult to travel without. Happy journey!