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Most Common Travel Problems and Tips to Prevent Them

4 of the Most Common Travel Disasters (And How to Avoid Them)

Travel is one of the best ways to unwind and rejuvenate. It helps you focus on the positive and create memories to cherish.

But there are times that make your trip unfortunately ‘unforgettable’. We’re talking about those unexpected situations that can ruin your vacation or business trip. Lost luggage, missed flights, food poisoning, injuries, theft, and bad weather are just some of the nightmarish examples of what can go wrong when travelling.

While the chances of having bad experiences are vastly reduced when your trip is well-planned, you should be ready for what comes and know how to avoid it.

Most Common Travel Problems and How to Prevent Them

Many things can go wrong when travelling. That’s why planning for unfortunate events and worst-case scenarios is smart.

Although you can’t control everything, a little preparation can help you avoid – or at least deal with – problems.

1) Missed Flights

One of the most common travel disasters is a missed flight. While some people like to take their chances by arriving at their airport (Pearson, for those in the GTA) an hour before takeoff, do not do this.
Instead, arrive at least three hours before your flight so you’re able to navigate delays and board easily.
To ensure you reach the airport on time, choose reliable transportation, like a Pearson limo. The driver of this comfortable, convenient and spacious vehicle will ensure that you’re never late for your flight. If you pre-book online, your ride will arrive at your location at the scheduled time.

2) Lost Belongings

24.8 million pieces of checked luggage were lost globally in 2018, meaning you always want to know the whereabouts of your passport, phone, and wallet. Losing these essentials can derail your travel plans:
i) Without your passport, you may not be able to board your return flight;
ii) Without your wallet, you can’t buy anything; and
iii) Without your phone, you can’t pay online, contact your family, access your e-tickets, or find the nearest police station easily.
Want to avoid this kind of trouble? Here are a few tips.
●Always keep a scanned copy of your passport on the cloud or e-mail.
●Carry your passport on your person or in your carry-on bag, and a photocopy in your luggage.
●If your wallet is stolen or missing, notify local police.
●Contact the nearest embassy or consulate to get a replacement passport.
●Report a stolen or missing credit card to the company.
●Have some emergency cash on you at all times.

3) Injury or Illness

From a mild cold to increased stress, it is common for travellers to get sick. There could be many reasons for this, like infections, a sudden change in climate, or going beyond your physical limits.
To minimize these risks, take some preventive measures to stay healthy while travelling.
●Purchase travel insurance that includes medical coverage.
●Avoid infections by washing your hands or applying hand sanitizer often flying or taking public transport.
●Get plenty of rest before travelling and keep yourself hydrated during the trip.
●Avoid risky activities that are beyond your physical limits.
●Consult your doctor before travelling to ensure you have access to any necessary medications.
●Drink bottled water and opt for hygienic places to eat.

4) Bad Weather

Bad weather can spoil a trip. While you can’t control Mother Nature, you can be prepared, or avoid going altogether.
First, research weather conditions at your destinations up to two months in advance so you can pack accordingly or postpone your trip if conditions are unfavourable.
If the weather is so bad that your flight is cancelled, be sure to have a backup plan for the next few days. For example, will your hotel room still be available? Are there layover options near the airport in case your flight is delayed? Not being prepared always leads to unexpected expenses.

Everyone wants to reach their destination safely and avoid problems when travelling. But if something does happen, it’s best to be ready. Hopefully, we’ve helped you avoid some of the most common travel disasters. If you’re planning to travel, book your Pearson airport limo in advance and start your trip auspiciously by catching your flight on time.