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5 Factors That Influence YYZ Limo Rates

Limos are a luxurious method of travel, associated with style and elegance. Not surprisingly, they can be expensive.

Knowing what factors affect YYZ limo rates will help you understand how much you will be charged and how you can influence the price of your airport limo.

Factors Determining Limo Hiring Prices

There are many reasons to hire a limo, but your bill may be surprising if you don’t know how much they normally cost. Whether you are hiring a taxi from Pearson Airport (YYZ) to downtown Toronto, or vice versa, some factors greatly affect the rates you will be charged.

1. Time of Hiring

Demand plays a vital role in determining how much an airport limo costs. During holidays and rush hours, higher demand means higher rates. On the other hand, you pay less by booking on slower days or times. Also, if you are hiring a limo at odd hours, like between midnight and 6 a.m., you might pay more.

2. The Limo Model You Are Hiring

There are many options when it comes to limo models. Some are small and less luxurious; some accommodate 4-6 passengers; some can carry 20 people; while others are considered the apex of luxury. The cost will depend largely on the type of limo you are hiring. The less luxurious and small ones will cost less than the extremely luxurious and big ones. So, pick yours accordingly. For example, when you are booking an airport taxi for yourself, you can go for a sedan limo to save on the cost.

3. The Hours You Hire For

Limousine companies often charge by the hour and that’s why time plays a vital role in establishing the cost. Hiring a limo for an hour will be considerably less than for the entire day, although most companies offer hourly discounts if you book for longer periods. The YYZ limo rates for a drop-off from Pearson to downtown will be less than if you book a limo for a night out or a party.

4. Your Location

If you have booked the limo for visiting a remote location, you may be charged a little extra. Also, if you are hiring for travelling out of your city, you will have to pay more.

5. Additional Features You Hire

Limos come with many features. For example, you can choose to drink champagne from the mini-fridge which will add to your cost. So, always ask the limo company about the features of the limo you are booking and decide which ones you want to use or forgo. Not settling that might result in you being charged for all those features, even when you haven’t used them. Or, you might not be able to use those facilities.


What Are the Approximate Limo Rates in Southern Ontario?


Here is the approximate rate list for your travels from Pearson Airport:

1. To Toronto

If you book a sedan, your will be paying $60-$80. The cost of a limo SUV may vary depending on its size but is likely somewhere between $85 and $120. The cost of a one-way trip for a stretch limo may be around $175 while that of a stretch SUV limo might cost approximately $225. The round trip, however, will cost approximately $450. A Hummer or bus limo will cost you even more.

2. To Scarborough

The cost of booking a sedan limo from Pearson Airport to Scarborough is almost the same as Toronto, which is $60-$80. The rate for an SUV will, again, depend on size, but is generally $85-$110. A stretch limo will cost you something around $175, and a stretch SUV limo will be around $240.

3. To Markham

If you are travelling to Markham from Pearson (YYZ airport) and you are booking a sedan, you can expect to pay something between $75 and $85. The limo SUV will cost approximately $90-$130. A stretch limo is up to $185, with a round trip up to $450.

These rates will vary depending on if you want a wheelchair-accessible limo or opt for additional services like child seats or having the chauffeurs receive you or your guests. Limo rates depend on the vehicle’s maximum capacity, not the number of people boarding it. The bigger the limo and the greater the distance between your pickup and drop-off location, the higher will be the price. Also, ask about hidden fees, like fuel surcharges, parking, and waiting charges. Make sure your communications with the limo rental company about your requirements and charges are clear to avoid problems at the time of travel or payment.