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7 Rules of Etiquette When Riding in a Niagara Airport Limo

Riding in a limousine is an exercise in comfort and luxury; something you do for special occasions like Christmas, a high school prom, or for a trip to the airport.

While travelling in a limo can be fun, there are certain rules of etiquette you need to follow.

Limo Etiquette to Follow When Travelling

No matter if you have booked an Oakville airport limo service or a taxi, there are certain rules of etiquette you must follow to make your experience even better.

1. Determine the Number of Passengers in Advance

Every limo comes with a set number of passengers they can accommodate. And even though you will indicate this while booking, it’s still prudent to inform the company about the number of passengers travelling with you, especially if there are last-minute add-ons. This way the company will be able to provide you with comfortable services.

2. Know How to Move in and Out of the Vehicle

The way you get into and out of a limo is different from the way you do with regular cars. Be it your North York airport limo or any other ride, not knowing your way around the limo can lead to mishaps. Always, let your chauffeur open the door for you. Sit down on the nearest empty seat, then swing your legs in and scoot to get to your favourite seat and make space for others. When getting out, wait for the chauffeur to open the door, swing your legs out, and stand up.

3. Don’t Mess With the Interior

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Remember, it is not your vehicle, so don’t get the interior dirty or damage it. You are paying for the ride, for its comfort, luxury, and beauty, so don’t spoil it. If there is any trash, take it with you. Don’t expect them to clear your mess.

Also, the upholstery is likely made from the finest leather and wood, so make sure you don’t damage them. That means no shoes up on the seat. If you damage the interior, expect to pay for it.

4. Get Your Beverages and Food Authorized

If you are bringing your own food and beverages, let your limo company know. They won’t want to deal with underage passengers drinking. If you are underage and bring alcohol, your chauffeur may end the trip early and ask your parents to pick you up.

If you are of legal drinking age (19 in Ontario), informing the limo company is a polite courtesy and will avoid any confusion with their food and drink policies. Also, it will save you from embarrassment if you have hired the limo for a corporate meeting.

5. Book a Limo as Per Your Party Group

You shouldn’t book a sedan for a crowd of more than four that is looking to party; there just won’t be enough space. It might be tempting to book something cheaper and hope that you manage but that will compromise the integrity of the vehicle and your guests’ safety. (The limo company won’t allow it anyway.)

6. Respect Your Chauffeur

They are getting paid to drive you around, not be your servant. Plus, your chauffeur is a professional. They need to stay alert and focused on the road. If there is an issue, don’t shout at them or abuse them; contact your limo company to sort it out.

7. Always Be on Time

Apart from incidences that are out of your control, like a delayed flight, always be on time for your ride. Your chauffeur’s time is precious and so is yours. Being late for your pickup will delay both of you, and it is highly unprofessional to not keep your appointed time.

Also, remember that while your chauffeur is aware of rush hours and routes, they can’t control external elements. So, if you are stuck in traffic, don’t panic or get angry. It will only spoil your mood and make your chauffeur feel disrespected. And it will not help your situation.

Riding in a limo is all about the experience and luxury. Following these rules of etiquette will make your time even more enjoyable and earn you good rapport with the limo company. That, in turn, will make them more amenable towards your additional requests.