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A Unique Way to Celebrate Christmas – Hire a Limo

With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s time to decide how and where you’ll be celebrating Christmas this year. Considering the COVID-19 situation, your holidays won’t look the same as they normally do. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and find new ways to celebrate.

If you’re tired of all the indoor festive games, we’ve got something a little more interesting. Why not spend time over Christmas with your family in a limousine? Instead of sitting at home drinking cocktails and watching movies, take the (family) party on wheels and drive around the city to enjoy the festive vibe.

Why Celebrate Christmas in a Limo?

A limousine is an ideal way to add a new dimension of joy and excitement to your Christmas celebrations. Here are a few reasons why you should consider booking one this holiday season.

  1. It’s an Exotic Riding Experience

Who doesn’t like riding in a airport limo? From superb lighting and luxurious leather seats to TVs, booming surround sound and a well-equipped bar, today’s limousines are fitted with everything you need to kick off your Christmas celebrations. What’s more, they take the stress out of dealing with traffic and parking.

  1. It’s a Fun Way to Have Quality Family Time

Make this Christmas a unique and memorable one by enjoying a limousine ride with your family. Your professional chauffeur will take care of transportation, while you sit back, relax, and enjoy your family’s company. Begin with an informal family breakfast before taking part in fun events like a ‘secret Santa’ exchange, singing Christmas carols, or playing Christmas bingo.

  1. It’s a Unique Way to Take a Christmas Lights Tour

Want to go on a family Christmas lights tour of the GTA? Book a limousine so you can enjoy the best light displays, without having to deal with traffic or icy roads. No more missing out because you had to focus on driving.

  1. It’s Safe

During these unusual times, limousine companies have taken strict measures to minimize risk to their passengers and ensure a safe journey. They thoroughly sanitize their vehicles before and after every trip, so you can rest assured that you’re celebrating Christmas in a clean, germ-free vehicle. All high-touch surfaces are cleaned with alcohol-based antibacterial disinfectants. These include the front and back of all seats; armrests; inside and outside door handles; the steering wheel; headrests; window buttons; radio; ceiling lights; phone chargers and air vents.

Chauffeurs undergo temperature screening using no-touch thermometers at the beginning and end of each shift. In addition, they’re required to wear a protective face mask over their nose and mouth. They also wear gloves (surgical or latex) when driving or handling passenger luggage.

Tips to Rent Your Christmas Limousine

  • Book Early

Christmas is the peak season for limo services in the GTA. To get your choice of limousines, you need to book weeks – sometimes months – ahead. So act fast!

  • Decide on the Headcount

How many people do you intend to ride with? It’s important to decide beforehand so you can book the right vehicle. Also, due to COVID-19, there are rules that regulate the number of people in limos.

  • Talk to Your Chauffeur in Advance

Whether it’s a whole-day tour or you’re heading to multiple destinations, it’s best to let your chauffeur know a day before. This gives them enough time to prepare, find the best routes and figure out traffic so you’re allowed uninterrupted enjoyment with your family.

Even if you just want to lay back, you’ll enjoy your limo ride because you’re with the people you love the most – your family. Enjoying a limo for a few hours is a real luxury, and everyone is entitled to treat themselves on Christmas. As long as you hire the right limousine service and you’re in the right company, you can never go wrong.