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What Affects the Cost of a Burlington-to-Pearson Airport Limo Taxi

What Affects the Cost of a Burlington-to-Pearson Airport Limo Taxi?

Limousines are a luxurious mode of transportation and obviously expensive to purchase. Their fantastic design and top-class amenities might lead you to also believe that hiring these luxury vehicles costs a lot.

This is not the case.

Knowing what factors influence the cost of an airport limo from Burlington to Pearson Airport will help you determine what you’ll be charged and how you may influence the final tally.

Let’s get started.

Factors Influencing the Price of a Burlington to Pearson Airport Limo

Factors Influencing the Price of a Burlington to Pearson Airport Limo

There are occasions when you may want to hire a Burlington airport limo service, including business trips and family vacations. But the bill can be surprisingly high if you don’t know what to expect.

Whether you are hiring a limo from Burlington to Pearson Airport, or vice versa, these factors may affect the rate you pay.

Number of Hours You Hire

Many airport limo companies operate on tight schedules which is one of the key reasons why they charge by the hour. The longer you use their services, the higher the price, understandably.

Limo Model 

There are several limousine models available, and, obviously, the kind you hire will impact your bill. For example, a sedan that seats two is going to be less luxurious than a model that accommodates four to six passengers, while others can seat up to twenty.

But make sure your choice of vehicle is large enough to accommodate your group. Smaller vehicles may cost less, but underestimating may require you to hire another vehicle which would be a significant additional expense.

Billing Methods

There are many airport limousine services and they can use diverse billing methods. So determine whether the service agreement is all-inclusive. Otherwise, you may be charged on the final bill for line items like highway fees or onboard food and beverages.


One key factor that may influence the cost of your airport limo is additional amenities. For instance, a limo with a well-stocked bar will increase the cost. The same goes for a car with a high-end TV or sound system. If you want to save money, you need to forgo these amenities.

Location & Time

If you are staying in a remote location in Burlington, you may be charged a little extra to get to Pearson. Also, if you are travelling at night, expect to pay a higher rate than in daytime.

Tipping Your Driver

Your driver is responsible for your safety, and tips are pretty standard. But many airport limo companies include this gratuity as part of your quoted price. So, ask the company if this is the case to save you from tipping twice.

Consider all these factors that affect your airport limo service cost. Contact Airline Limo for a comfortable and luxurious limo taxi service from Burlington to Pearson Airport. With more than 80 years of experience in the industry, we are one of the most trusted airport limo companies in the GTA. We pride ourselves on offering deluxe comfort at reasonable rates. Book your reservation by calling 1-800-263-5466, filling out the online form, or using our mobile app.