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Why Is an SUV Limo Ideal Airport Transportation in Oshawa

Why Is an SUV Limo Ideal Airport Transportation in Oshawa?

If you are looking for suitable transportation to get to Pearson smoothly and on time, consider hiring an SUV limo.

Do you want to travel in style? This gorgeous car is the best option for drawing attention. It’s also spacious enough to easily accommodate up to 14 people comfortably (Depending on the type of vehicle), has extra luggage, and more than adequate leg space.

There are multiple other advantages to hiring an SUV limo from a trusted airport limousine service that services Oshawa. Let’s examine what they are.

Why You Should Hire an SUV Limousine to Get to Pearson from Oshawa (Or Vice Versa)

Why You Should Hire an SUV Limousine to Get to Pearson from Oshawa (Or Vice Versa)

What is the best airport limo company in Oshawa? Airline Limo is the answer. We provide the best and most luxurious airport transportation services to travellers throughout the GTA. Here, we discuss the top 9 reasons why an SUV limo is a good option for airport transportation

  1. Lots of Seating

When travelling with friends and family, you need a limo with a big seating area. SUV limousines are designed to accommodate over five passengers easily. Passengers may enjoy their ride and sit comfortably as the seats are bigger than in standard limousines.

  1. More Storage

The trunk space of an SUV limo is larger than that of an airport taxi in Oshawa, thus making it a good option for those travelling with a lot of luggage. It can accommodate strollers, suitcases, backpacks, and more, so passengers do not have to fill up their seats with their own luggage.

  1. Flexible Seats

Its seats can be easily folded to make more room for extra luggage. Passengers may even fold down the backseat if they wish to lie down when traveling. This is one of the key reasons why this car is preferred by passengers after a long flight.

  1. Better Comfort

SUV limos have big and comfortable upholstered leather seats, and their thick wheels ensure comfort and safety, especially when travelling on roads with potholes.

  1. Endures Harsh Weather

An SUV limo is perfectly designed to withstand bad weather conditions. In fact, its weight helps it better grip wet roads. Moreover, their thick wheels prevent slipping and enhance their stability on rainy or windy days. This signifies that your trip will never be delayed because of harsh weather.

  1. Increased Safety

SUV limos are fitted with safety features like smart airbags and anti-lock brakes. Also, their headlights may easily change between low as well as high beams automatically. This makes them a safe option for night driving.

  1. Proficient Chauffeurs

Booking an SUV limousine for your airport transfer ensures that you will receive only the best service from your chauffeur. They are also familiar with the area so will know the shortest routes to take. An SUV limousine service will also provide the best assistance with storing your bags and luggage safely.

  1. Top-Class Amenities 

This is one of the top reasons for booking an SUV limo. It has a well-equipped bar and entertainment area with television sets and sound system. So, you can play your favourite music or movie while sipping wine with your friends or family.

Another exclusive feature is its charging stations with different ports as well as hardware. This allows you to charge mobile phones and other electronic devices to remain connected.

  1. Affordable 

Booking an airport limo taxi, especially an SUV, is an easy as well as affordable option to get you and your guests to and from the airport because you can split the cost. Moreover, you’re charged a flat rate based on the time and distance to your desired destination.

These are several reasons why hiring an SUV limo is a good idea for travelling to and from Pearson Airport. This includes more leg space, better storage and seating arrangements, and world-class amenities. If you still need help to find a premium airport limousine in Oshawa, contact Airline Limo.