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Airport Limos Over Taxis: Getting from Guelph to Pearson

Are you planning to hire an airport limo for a smooth ride between Guelph and Pearson? These luxury cars are driven by professional chauffeurs and offer amenities for your convenience and comfort. That’s why many travellers between Guelph and the Toronto airport choose limousines over taxis.
But what type of limos are available? Airline Limo has a fleet of over 165 premium cars. These include sedans, SUVs, and wheelchair-accessible vans.
In this post, we discuss the most popular types of limos that are suitable for transportation between Guelph and Pearson.
Let’s get started.

Choose Between Different Types of Airport Limos Instead of Taxis in Guelph

Whether you’re planning a vacation or a business trip, a comfortable journey to and from Pearson is preferable. Airline Limo, the top airport limo service in Guelph, ensures just that.
Here, we look at different types of limos to choose from for smooth and quick airport transportation.

Choose an SUV Limousine for Group Travel

An SUV limousine is ideal if you are travelling to Pearson from Guelph with friends or family as it can accommodate six to seven people. It is larger than the sedan variety and is equipped with several amenities such as a music system, television, and a trunk big enough for everyone’s luggage.

Hire a Sedan Limousine to Create a Lasting Impression

A sedan limousine looks attractive and compact and easily accommodates three to four people. It is considered one of the cost-effective means of transportation. Many businesspeople prefer these over airport taxis in order to reach Pearson on time from Guelph.

Choose a Stretch Limo for Privacy & Comfort

This model seats up to six passengers. Top-class amenities include an LED lighting system, bar, and a high-end audio-visual unit. The privacy divider that separates the chauffeur and passengers provides maximum privacy.

Enjoy Riding in a Convertible Limo with an Open Roof

This model’s roof can be opened via remote control. This convertible limo is equipped with a music system, Wi-Fi, bar, and so on. It accommodates over eight passengers comfortably, but this limo is less appropriate in winter.

Choose a Hummer Limo for Its Tough, Rugged Look

This limo has a rugged appearance and accommodates over 12 passengers easily. It also comes equipped with world-class amenities like a bar, video games, and television. Because of its robust appearance, it is a favourite with male travellers, especially if they are poker players as well.

Exclusive Wheelchair Accessible Vans for Travellers with Disabilities

These cars are suitable for passengers who are confined to wheelchairs. They have spacious interiors and doors to accommodate both passengers and their wheelchairs. They also have high-end finishes and premium amenities such as power outlets and entertainment systems.

Lincoln Limo for Extra Road Safety

Lincoln limousines are popular with those who want to experience the most comfortable and luxurious ride to Pearson. This car is well-equipped with modern technology, spacious seating, bars, climate control, and other amenities. This limo’s main feature is that it is designed for maximum safety.
Now you know about the most popular types of airport limos chosen by passengers over taxis for transportation between Guelph and Pearson. You are guaranteed to reach the airport in style and comfort when you book a limo, especially when you select the most suitable model for your journey.