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Airport Limo in Oshawa

Luxury Features Available in an Airport Limo in Oshawa

Traveling in an airport limo isn’t just about shuttling between Oshawa and Pearson, or vice versa. After all, a limousine has more to offer than just a spacious interior. Compared to airport taxis in Oshawa, the world-class amenities of SUV limos or other models ensure that your travel experience will be nothing short of first-class.
In this post, we discuss the luxurious features of this premium car.

Top Features of an Airport Limo for Luxury Travel from Oshawa

An airport limousine lets you relax and ride in style. Besides its extra space and gorgeous interiors, you may not be aware of the features it has to offer. So, let’s check out the top-quality features of this vehicle.

Video Systems

Limos are fitted with high-end gadgets such as flat-screen TVs, video systems, and LCD screens with internet connectivity. These allow you to watch your favourite programs or browse the internet while travelling.

Stereo Systems

Although many airport taxis have radios, airport limousines in Oshawa have an exclusive stereo system along with high-end amplifiers and speakers. Since limos are longer and accommodate more people than a standard taxi, this greater space is suitable for a good stereo system. Thus, you can enjoy music or the radio irrespective of where you’re sitting.

Tinted Windows for Privacy

All the best limousines have tinted windows for maximum privacy so you can enjoy your ride to the airport without worrying about being observed or judged.

Comfortable Seating Arrangements

Luxury Airport Limousine

Unlike airport taxis, the seats of the limo are upholstered, thick, soft, supple, and made from leather for a comfortable journey. These cozy seats are especially welcoming if you’re riding in an airport limo after a long flight.

Intercom Facility

The intercom system is another exclusive feature that keeps the passengers and chauffeur connected if there is a partition between them. Moreover, there are independent on/off switches and LED warning lights to indicate if your conversation can be heard in the driver’s cabin.

Premium Multimedia Features

If you’re travelling for long hours, you’ll likely need to charge your phone. Fortunately, these luxury cars have multiple charging stations to charge your smartphone, laptop, or other gadgets so you can continue to work without interruption. This is especially suitable for those who travel a lot for business where staying connected is a necessity. Another unique multimedia feature available is GPS that give direction to the chauffeurs to reach the scheduled destination.

Powerful Climate Control

Airport limousines are fitted with a high-tech climate control system. For example, if it’s extremely cold outside, the climate control system will help to keep you warm throughout the ride. Similarly, if the weather is hot, it maintains comfortable humidity and coolness inside the car.

Advanced Safety Features

Limousines have modern safety features such as fitted seatbelts, a partition between chauffeur and passenger, and pre-collision brakes. Moreover, there are lane keeping assist systems, blind spot monitors, and adaptive cruise control. These features combined with the chauffeur’s experience keep you safe while travelling.

Sumptuous Refreshments

Some airport limos are equipped with bars with top-shelf alcoholic drinks and other beverages upon request so you don’t have to wait to enjoy your favourite drink. Moreover, there is often offer complimentary food.
Are you convinced that hiring a limo is better than an airport taxi in Oshawa? Then you can enjoy all the above-listed premium features for a luxurious ride. From high-end video and stereo systems to tinted windows and advanced safety features, you may enjoy all these luxurious features when travelling to and from Pearson.