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Airport Limo Hamilton to Pearson

Lesser-Known Facts about Hamilton to Pearson Airport Limo Taxi Rides

Limousines are the best mode of transportation when it comes to travel between Hamilton and Pearson Airport. After all, who wouldn’t prefer a luxury car with great amenities driven by a uniformed chauffeur over a taxi?

The best part is that although limos are considered luxurious, booking them is actually quite affordable.

In this post, we discuss a few interesting facts about Hamilton to Pearson airport limo rides.

Let’s get started.

Fascinating Facts about Hamilton-to-Pearson Airport Limo vs. Taxi Rides

Are you thinking of hiring a limo for hassle-free airport transportation? Do you want to learn more about these cars? Here are a few surprising facts about them.

Limos Are a Popular Mode of Airport Transportation

Many travellers prefer to hire limos to travel between Hamilton and Pearson. Hamilton’s business travellers and vacationers often choose a luxurious limo over public transport or a ridesharing service. Indeed, several Hamilton-area hotels and companies have agreements with airport limo companies like ours for comfortable airport transportation for their guests

Limousine’ Is Derived from a French Word 

The term ‘limousine’ has been derived from Limousine, a region in France. The car’s design looks like the hood worn by people of this region in order to guard themselves against harsh weather.

The First Limousine Was Introduced in 1902

The first limousine was built in 1902 and had a closed compartment for its passengers’ privacy. The driver, however, only had a sunroof for protection. This car could accommodate three to five people.

Limo Drivers Are Well-Trained and Professional

When you hire a limo, you don’t have to think about your safety. Your licensed chauffeur is only hired after a proper background check. They are also thoroughly trained to drive on busy roads and highways in rush hour. Undoubtedly, getting to and from the airport becomes easier and more comfortable in an airport limo.

Limos Come in Multiple Models 

When limos were introduced, the term was used to address the features that they offered and not to any particular model of car. These attributes were based on the size of the car and the privacy they offered. Now the term has been divided into two categories: traditional and exotic. Traditional limos are town cars and exotic ones are custom-made with deluxe features.

They Used Air Conditioning First 

Air conditioning in cars is no recent phenomenon. In fact, this luxury was first introduced in limousines as early as 1939.

Limos Are Affordable 

Affordable Airport Limo

It is not true that only the rich can ride in these luxury cars. Fortunately, diverse types of limos are available at diverse price points, so almost anyone may hire one within their budget. At Airline Limo, we have a huge fleet of over 165 cars. These include SUVs, wheelchair-accessible vans and luxury sedans to cater to the diverse needs of our customers.

Booking a Limo Is Easy

You can easily book a limo by visiting our website or using our app. In this way, you can reserve a chauffeur-driven luxury car to pick you up from or drop you off at the airport without any hassle.

Limo Chauffeurs Know the Best and Shortest Routes

If you book a limo to get the Pearson from Hamilton, you are assured that you will have a professional chauffeur at your service. They know the best routes during rush hour to evade roadblocks or heavy traffic and reach your destination on time.

Hopefully, these lesser-known facts have helped you gain a better understanding of limousines and why they offer such comfortable transport. So, book a suitable airport limo to transport you between Hamilton and Pearson. Remember, hiring Airline Limo will provide you with a hassle-free ride. Our professionals take time to first understand your needs and then recommend the ideal vehicle for your journey.