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Why Book a Limo Over a Taxi from YYZ to Downtown Toronto?

Travelling between Pearson Airport (code YYZ) and downtown Toronto can be a challenge. Navigating traffic is difficult and you may need to pay a lot for airport parking. An airport taxi is a comparatively cost-effective option but is not the most lavish or comfortable choice.

In this post, we discuss the key reasons to book an airport limo over a taxi from YYZ Airport to downtown Toronto for safe, luxurious, and fast transportation.

Let’s get started.

Reasons to Hire a Limo Instead of a Taxi from YYZ (Pearson) to Downtown Toronto

Are you planning to catch a flight from Pearson? Your best option is to hire an airport limousine. Keep reading to discover the advantages.

1. The Cost Does Not Vary

Airport taxi services often meter their rides to Pearson, meaning the price you pay will vary based on when and from where you are picked up. And ride-share services can charge surge pricing during busy periods. When you hire an airport limo, you pay fixed rates.

2. You Ride in a Clean, Well-Maintained Car


This is one of the key reasons for choosing a limo instead of a taxi from downtown Toronto to Pearson (YYZ). Taxis are generally not cleaned or sanitized between rides, while airport limos are.

Unlike taxis, airport limos have upholstered seats for optimum comfort. They also offer spacious leg room and entertainment for a more enjoyable trip. For instance, you can listen to music, read books, watch TV, and enjoy a drink, depending on the model you hire.

3. You Can Book Early

Are you booking an airport limousine for the first time? Or have you done so before? Whatever the case, you may book early from Toronto, Cambridge, Milton, or elsewhere in the GTA. You can also choose your favourite limo model.

4. You Are Driven By a Professional Chauffeur

Booking an airport limo is your best bet when you want quick and hassle-free airport transportation. Your well-mannered and uniformed chauffeur will get you to your destination safely and at the appointed time. These professional chauffeurs will open and close your door and load or unload your luggage.

Vital Things to Remember When Booking an Airport Limousine 

Booking a limo over a Toronto airport taxi is always the better option. Remember the following things when hiring.

1. Types of Amenities

Check out the services offered by your preferred limo service. This may include Wi-Fi, leg room, or the availability of refreshments.

2. Variety of Cars

When it comes to choosing an airport limo service, everyone has their preferred model. For example, some limos can accommodate two or three passengers, while limo buses can seat nearly twelve. Make sure you choose an experienced company with a huge fleet.

3. Service Cost


Although price is not the only thing you need to consider when booking an airport limo, it is certainly important. When you arrive or depart during rush hours, an airport taxi service may increase its rates. However, an airport limo company usually charges fixed rates.

4. Safety

When booking an airport limo, customer safety is their top priority. Your ideal company will have years of experience and answer any questions you may have regarding its safety track record. Top companies will cover their clients in terms of insurance and offer car seats for children.

5. Time of Pickup 

The leading airport limo companies know how vital it is that you reach the airport on time. But it is advisable that you should be alert and choose an early pick-up in order to avoid issues such as traffic. This is especially vital for morning flights when traffic is heavy.

Now you know the key benefits of hiring an airport limo over a taxi from Pearson (YYZ) to downtown Toronto. Consider these vital factors when booking one. These include price, your choice of vehicle, safety, and time of pick up. With Airline Limousine, you can hire a limo far in advance of your flight. Plus, your uniformed chauffeur will pick you up and drop you off on time and ensure a comfortable ride to the airport. Call us to learn more about our services.