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Taxi to Downtown Toronto

Why Taxi to Downtown Toronto? Take One of These Limos Instead!

Are you looking for a luxurious car for travelling between Pearson Airport and downtown Toronto? Book a limo!

Gone are the days when limousines were only appropriate for special occasions like proms and weddings.

Today, if you wish to reach Pearson in style and impress guests or clients, we suggest choosing these luxurious vehicles over an airport taxi.

That said, there are various kinds of limousines available so select the most appropriate one based on your budget and needs.

Here, Toronto’s leading airport limo company, Airline Limo, has curated a list of the different types of limousines available to take you between downtown and Pearson in luxury.

Let’s dive right in.

Different Types of Airport Limos Available To Take You to Downtown Toronto (And Back)

Below are the most popular airport limos you may choose over a taxi for smooth transport to downtown Toronto from YYZ (Pearson Airport) and vice versa.

Stretch Limousine 

This voluminous vehicle seats up to six passengers and has world-class amenities such as a bar, excellent audio-visual systems, and LED lights. Like many limousines, there is a divider that separates the passengers from their chauffeur for the utmost in privacy.

Sedan Limousine

This attractive airport limo is highly compact and can accommodate up to four people. It is one of the most affordable modes of transportation. Many business people hire this type of limo over taxis in order to get to Pearson on time from Brantford, downtown Toronto or elsewhere in the GTA.

SUV Limousine

A luxurious SUV is the perfect option when you are travelling to the airport in a group of up to seven people. It is larger than a sedan and has many amenities like a TV set, audio-visual system, and a huge trunk for your luggage.

Convertible Limo

The roof of a convertible limo may be opened by remote control. It has Wi-Fi and a music system among its amenities, and can seat more than eight people. Because of its design, it is less suitable in winter.

Wheelchair-Accessible Limousines

As the name suggests, these luxurious vans are the best option for wheelchair-bound passengers. They have spacious interiors and doors to fit passengers as well as wheelchairs. Passengers can enjoy TV or music systems and charge electronics via complementary electrical outlets.

Lincoln Limousines 

These are quite popular among passengers and they are equipped with top-class features such as large seats, a bar, and refreshments. This type of limo is designed to be very safe.

Classic Vintage Limousine

Are you looking for a vintage vehicle with an old-school design? If so, then this is your best option.

Like a sedan, it can accommodate up to four people. However, it has more leg space than a standard sedan. Since it is a vintage car, it is available in dual colours such as white and pink, not just solid ones.

Hummer Limousine

Hummer limos are spacious, robust and mostly hired by groups of guys. It can seat upwards of 20 passengers at a time, and some models have separate TV screens, video games, casinos, and bars.

 Hummer Limousine

Limousine Bus

This vehicle can accommodate over 30 people and is fitted with top-class amenities such as a lighting system, TV, and video gaming systems. It also has upholstered seats, restrooms, bars, and a dance floor. Passengers can communicate with the chauffeur through an intercom system. While it may not be the first choice for airport transportation, it is perfect for large groups.

Now you know the most popular types of airport limos available to transport you between downtown Toronto and Pearson. Make sure you choose one based on the total number of people travelling with you and your preferences. You can travel in utmost comfort to Pearson from Caledon or downtown or elsewhere when you hire the most suitable limo instead of a taxi. For more information, get in touch with Airline Limousine. We’ll be happy to help you.