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Cambridge Airport Limo

What to Expect When Booking a Cambridge Airport Limo

If you frequently travel the nearly 97 km between Cambridge, Ontario, and Pearson, you know the significance of booking reliable, luxurious and comfortable transportation.

Undoubtedly, booking a limousine is your best, most affordable option.

Are you curious about the benefits of booking a Cambridge airport limo service? In this post, we discuss what to expect when hiring this service.

Let’s get started.

What to Expect When Hiring a Cambridge Airport Limo

Here are a few of the benefits you enjoy when you hire an airport limo to transport you between Cambridge, Ontario, and Pearson Airport.

Their Chauffeurs Offer Maximum Safety

Booking a limo means having a skilled and experienced chauffeur driving you. You get peace of mind knowing you are in safe hands as they are only hired after a complete background check.

Airport limo drivers are also familiar with local streets and the best routes to Pearson, arguably more so than cabbies.

They Charge Fixed Rates

This is one of the key benefits of hiring a Cambridge airport limo. If you book a rideshare service, you may have to pay more than their usual charges, especially during peak hours or for travelling longer distances. This never happens if you hire a limo. Their charges are fixed and no extra or hidden fees are added to your bill.

They Always Provide Reliable Service

Arriving late to Pearson can mean missing your flight. What a nightmare!


airport limo service in CambridgeHowever, when you book a leading airport limo service in Cambridge such as Airline Limousine, you are assured of timely pickup and drop-off. This means a hassle-free and quick transfer to Pearson. Moreover, we track your flight, so if there is any delay, we will adjust the timing of your drop-off or pickup accordingly.

They Give You a Warm Welcome 

Nothing is better after a long flight than having your smiling chauffeur greet you with a luxurious car full of amenities.

They Offer Efficient Service 

Traffic jams and construction are common problems that must be avoided, especially when you need to catch a flight.

A trusted limo company like Airline Limo has a team of dedicated employees who keep track of traffic conditions. This helps them determine the best route to reach your destination smoothly and on time.

They Let You Relax

With the kind of relaxation you enjoy inside a limo, you will definitely feel rejuvenated, especially after a long flight. The limo’s spacious and luxurious interior is the perfect place to enjoy its many amenities (think Wi-Fi, an audio-visual system, and lots of leg room) to de-stress during your drive.

Your airport transfer will be a special one when you hire a reliable Cambridge airport limo service. You will not only enjoy a luxurious transfer but you will spend less time thinking about traffic and more enjoying your vehicle’s luxuries. To book a limo from Cambridge to Pearson at the most affordable rates, contact us today.