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What Determines Limo Rates When Hiring a Mississauga Airport Limo over a Taxi?

Hiring an airport limo between Mississauga and Pearson Airport is one of the most comfortable and luxurious ways to travel.

However, in spite of stunning design and premium amenities, hiring a limousine is not necessarily expensive.

Let’s look at the factors that affect the rates you pay when you hire a Mississauga airport limo instead of a taxi.

What Influences Mississauga Airport Limo Rates?

Here are a few key factors that influence the cost when you hire a Mississauga airport limo over a taxi to get to and from the airport.

1. The Kind of Limo

If you are a solo traveller then book a two-seat sedan. For a large group, choose a stretch limo that can accommodate nearly 20 passengers. Obviously, the latter option is more expensive, although the cost can be split between you.

Limos come in different shapes, sizes and price points. Just never book a car that is too small for a big group. This may help you to save money but can be uncomfortable.

2. The Amenities You Choose


Many limousines have a mini-fridge stocked with beverages and food. While some companies include the charge for these refreshments in their rental agreement, others consider them an extra cost.

To get the best price, choose these amenities as an option during booking rather than pay it on an individual item basis.

3. The Total Time You Use the Limo

Limos are generally hired on an hourly basis. However, airport limo companies charge on the basis of the total distance travelled. You may also have to pay more for additional stops or if your chauffeur has to wait for a long time when picking you up.

4. When You Book Your Limousine

When you hire an airport limo over a taxi in Mississauga, or anywhere in Ontario, during rush hours and weekends, your cost will increase. This is because there is increased demand. Overnight rates are also higher than during the afternoon when demand is lower.

5. Ask If You Need to Tip Your Driver


Your chauffeur is responsible for your safety, so tipping them is common. But some airport limo companies include a tip in their quote, so ask about this particular policy.

6. Ask About Additional Payments 

Ensure what you have to pay on the final bill. For example, check to see if you need to pay for extra stops or luggage, and verify these points at booking. At Airline Limousine, we charge flat rates without any additional fees.

These are the vital factors that determine the rate when you book a Mississauga airport limo over a taxi. Still struggling to decide which limo to hire? Give us a call. We have a huge fleet of over 165 cars that includes sedans, SUVs, and wheelchair-accessible vehicles. Let our experts help you choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.