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How to Kill Time When Waiting Out a Flight Delay

The holiday season is a busy time as people travel to be with family and friends. As a result, there’s a lot of rush at Toronto Pearson Airport. Last week, heavy snowfall and low visibility affected air traffic, causing several delays and cancellations of both departing and arriving flights. Irrespective of new compensation rules to be introduced by the federal government on December 15 for delayed/cancelled flights, the inconvenience caused to passengers during the holidays is dispiriting. But it should be noted that taking longer than usual to reach your final destination is better than travelling in unsafe conditions.

We understand that spending hours at the airport waiting for your flight is disappointing and boring, especially during the most important time of the year. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of ways to kill time when your flight is delayed.

7 Best Ways to Kill Time During Flight Delays

When you can’t avoid flight delays and cancellations, try to travel prepared. The following are seven ways to make the most of insufferable airport waiting times.

1) Catch Up with Your Favourite Shows

Netflix is a preferred option to have fun when you’re getting bored. And, what else could be a better situation to take advantage of it than waiting out a flight delay? All you have to do is camp out next to an electrical outlet, have some vending machine snacks, and connect to the airport Wi-Fi (use a VPN for safety). Then, catch up with a Netflix series you’ve been planning to watch.

2) Get Some Work Done

Hectic travel schedules can affect your work. So, why not use these long hours for something productive? Getting work done while waiting is an excellent way to complete the tasks you’ve been putting off. That might include sorting through work emails, reviewing documents and making important calls. You can also use this time to crosscheck or alter your destination itinerary (depending on your arrival time). This can include changing your hotel check-in date/time and coordinating the same with the airport limousine service you’ve hired.

3) Go Duty-Free Shopping

Many of you will agree that shopping is one of the best ways to spend free time, and shopping duty free is the cherry on top. If you’re travelling outside Canada, you can take advantage of Pearson’s many duty-free stores. Products with high taxes outside the airport, like alcohol and cosmetics, can be bought at a lower price there. Pearson also has many stores at different terminals such as Burberry, Bobbi Brown and Dunhill. You can buy gifts for your loved ones at reasonable prices while killing time before your flight.
Duty free shopping

4) Gift Yourself a Good Spa Treatment

Do you want to use your free time at the airport to reduce your travel stress? How about a massage or mani pedi? Kill some time pleasantly by unwinding at the Be Relax Spa in Terminal 3 (after security) near gate C36. Acupressure, hot stone and shiatsu massages are just some of the highlights here. If flight delays are getting on your nerves, indulging in this airport perk is a good bet.

5) Play Games

Probably one of the most classic ways to spend time is to play games, especially when travelling with family. Occupy yourself with online games like Pac-Man, Tetris or PUBG or traditional games like Monopoly, Mastermind and Trivial Pursuit. Games are a boredom buster and make those long hours more tolerable.

6) Hit the Gym

As already mentioned, busy travel schedules and flight delays can negatively impact your physical and mental health. That’s why working out while you travel is a great way to combat fatigue, jetlag and stress. Before inconvenient layovers take a toll on your well-being, use the time to hit the airport gym. Pearson Goodlife Fitness in Terminal 1 (before security), Level 1 Arrivals, is spread over 10,000 sq. ft. and offers passengers several services. Take advantage of the time to achieve your health and fitness goals on the go by using the stretching area, strength training equipment and free weights.

7) Take a City Tour

If you’re not from Toronto, have several hours to kill and don’t mind leaving the airport, head to the city for a new experience. Simply book an airport taxi and take a city tour to explore tourist attractions near the airport like Square One, one of Canada’s largest shopping malls; or the Playdium Amusement Centre, a 40,000 sq. ft. indoor complex with over 200 high-tech attractions, rides and simulators. Just make sure you check your flight status and return to the airport on time.
Winter airport delays are as inevitable as death and taxes. They become even more of a headache when you have a plan for the holidays. But all is not lost. You may be stuck in the airport for a sizeable amount of time, but you can make the waiting count by killing time with one of the ways mentioned above.