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Are SUV Limos a Better Option Than Airport Cabs in London, Ontario?

Do you need to shuttle between Pearson and London, Ontario? Want to do it smoothly and comfortably? If so, then book an SUV limo, especially if you are travelling with family. This spacious vehicle can seat more than four passengers. (The stretch variety can seat up to 14!) Plus, its thick wheels help ensure your safety.

If you want to travel in luxury and style, this model is a great option to draw maximum attention. There are several other benefits to hiring this car over standard airport cabs in London, Ontario. In this post, Canada’s leading airport limo company discusses the top advantages of booking this model.

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Benefits of Hiring SUV Limos Over Airport Cabs in London, Ontario

Below are key advantages to booking an SUV limo over an airport taxi service from London, Ontario, to Pearson.

They Provide More Seating

If you are planning to travel in a group then you should look for a car with adequate seating – and an SUV limo accommodates 5 to 6 people easily. Its seats also are larger than other types of airport limos, so passengers may sit comfortably to enjoy their ride.

They Offer Better Safety 

This is one of the key benefits of booking an airport limo for airport transportation. These vehicles have all the key safety features such as anti-lock braking and airbags. They also have headlights that vary automatically between low and high beams, depending on the time of day and weather. This feature makes an SUV limo a safe choice for night travel. As mentioned, this vehicle has thick wheels that prohibit unnecessary slipping when braking or turning.

They Have Flexible Seats 

This luxurious car has flexible seats that are easily folded in order to increase the space to lie down. This option is especially convenient after a long fight.

They Have Huge Storage Spaces 

An SUV’s large trunk space makes it a great option for travellers with multiple pieces of luggage, including suitcases and strollers.

You Experience a Very Comfortable Ride

As mentioned, these limos have large seats and adequate storage, so you can travel comfortably. Plus, their thick wheels negate any discomfort when travelling on roads with potholes.

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They Are Suitable For Bad Weather 

SUV limos are a great option for travelling in bad weather, including heavy rain. As they weigh more than other standard vehicles, they offer optimum grip on the road. Their thick wheels also provide maximum stability to avoid slipping during rainy weather.

They Hire Experienced and Reliable Chauffeurs

A uniformed and proficient chauffeur will pick you up from the airport and drop you off at your desired location at the appointed time. When you book an airport limo service, your chauffeur will be there to handle everything you require during the trip.

They Are Available At Reasonable Rates 

Gone are the days when limo rides were only for celebrities. Now, virtually anyone can book a limo to get to the airport comfortably while paying standard rates. At Airline Limo, we charge fixed rates. No hidden costs are involved.

They Offer World-Class Amenities 

One of the top benefits of booking an SUV limousine is that they come equipped with a bar, TV, high-end audiovisual system, and more. In this way, you may watch TV or listen to music while sipping wine on the way to the airport. A charging station with multiple ports is available to charge your smartphone or other gadgets.


Now you know the benefits of hiring an airport SUV limo over airport cabs in London, Ontario. This safe and spacious vehicle provides top-class amenities and is driven by a professional chauffeur. If you want to learn more about this type of service, feel free to contact us.