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York Region
Airport Limousine Services

Hiring an airport limousine is the fastest way to travel from any place in York Region to Pearson Airport. Unlike airport taxis, limousines are more reliable and on time. Airline Limousine provides prompt limo service in York Region, making travelling to and from the airport to anywhere comfortable and stylish.

Airline Limousine has a fleet of 165 cars which includes the latest models. These are highly maintained, ensuring that you never have any complaint about their quality, cleanliness, facilities and safety.

A car for every
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Premium Airport Limo Services
in York Region

A regional municipality in Southern Ontario, the York Region is located between Lake Simcoe and Toronto. Being a densely populated and busy region, the demand for airport limo services is high here, and Airline Limousine is a trusted name among both locals and tourists.

This is a fast-growing region both residentially and commercially. Hence, there are many locals as well as visitors to York Region looking for an airport taxi service for smoother transport. Choosing airport limousine services from Airline Limo comes with perks that make us stand out:

  • Assured rides to and from the airport anytime and anywhere in York Region, including rush hour
  • Business travellers can also avail themselves of corporate limousine facilities to and from York Region
  • Chauffeurs are well-trained locals who know the region well and hence can navigate around the city smoothly
  • All cars are comfortable and have luxury features to ensure absolute comfort and safety

Upscale York Region Airport TaxiRide the Best-In-Class Vehicles Available in Canada

  • Sedan
  • Suv
  • van
  • wheelchair
    specific vans


Sedan limos are a great choice for transportation to and from the airport to any part of the GTA. These cars have high-quality leather upholstered seats and amenities like TV sets.

  • Accommodates 4 passengers and 3 bags
  • Tinted glass for optimum privacy
  • Comfortable leather seats with abundant leg space


SUVs are the perfect choice when you are travelling in a large group and require more space than sedans.The tires are thicker and the vehicles themselves have a higher safety level and better suspension which ensures a comfortable ride in any terrain.

  • Accommodates 6 passengers and 5 bags
  • More spacious than sedans
  • Robust vehicle ideal for any terrain and long journeys


Vans have a wider entry way than other luxury vehicles. They are well accommodating and suitable for long distance journeys.

  • Accommodation for 4 passengers and 3 bags
  • Spacious design for optimum comfort
  • Larger entryway making it easier to get on and off for children and elderly.


These vans are specially designed to make the ride smoother for passengers who require a wheelchair. The vans allow for a smooth entry and exit.

  • Accommodation for 4 passengers and 3 bags
  • Interior is specifically made more accommodating for anyone requiring a wheelchair
  • Enough boot space for large and heavy luggage.

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Other Methods of Booking

We also have other booking methods and flexible payment procedures. Contact us at the following number for registration or booking.

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Our Airport Limo Services ensure on-schedules rides for everyone

Airline Limousine is the proud owner of a well-maintained and high-end fleet of cars from top brands which are available at your service anytime on demand. They are equipped with the latest technologies and are driven by local chauffeurs who ensure that you reach your destination on time. Hence, you can rest assured that we will always meet your tight schedule.

We understand the needs of York Region-bound passengers owing to our many years of experience operating in the Toronto region. You can assure yourself of a smooth ride by pre-booking an airport limo from us.

Why Choose Our Limo Service in York Region?

Founded in 1936, Airline Limousine is the “original limousine company” of the GTA and is noted for its consistent services for more than 80 years. As our esteemed clients, you will enjoy numerous benefits.

  • Assured insured rides every time
  • Local chauffeurs who know the best routes
  • Hygienic and clean vehicles
  • Pickup and drop off anywhere in York Region
  • Competitive rates with no hidden costs
  • Midway stops can be scheduled
  • Over 80 years experience
  • Punctuality is a priority


The most frequently asked client questions are listed here to answer your queries about our services.

Are limousines available from any neighbourhood of York Region?


We provide pickup and drop off to and from Pearson Airport from any part of York Region.

Are services available on holidays?


Yes. Our premium limousine service to and from the airport is available 24 hours a day, even on holidays which is usually a peak time.

Can I book a limousine on an hourly basis?


It is best to pre-book a limousine providing a detailed route according to your requirements. Depending on the availability and type of car, arrangements can be made.

How far in advance should the booking be made?


The time of year and day as well as the type of car requested factor into how far in advance you should book but a few hours is normally sufficient.

Are there any deposits that should be made in advance?


For a pre-booked limousine, a credit card guarantee may be required depending on the type of car you are looking for and whether you have a corporate or general booking requirement.


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Had a great trip with Danny. He arrived 10 minutes early, car was clean and had a nice smooth trip. Booked online and it kept us informed, a reminder and then confirmed a car and driver was dispatched. Can give them a try on your next trip.


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Trip booked online February 14, quoted $79. Confirmed by phone a few days later as it was an early trip. Ride to the airport was fantastic, Peter is a great person. Once arrived, was told the trip was $98. Did not protest as this was the company's is

Honest A

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Jumped in one of their cars coming out of Pearson. Ride was great, and diver knew how to avoid some of the traffic coming into the city. I realized the next morning that I had dropped my airpod pros in the car. Emailed their office, and they used

Dalton Rodgers

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Picked up at Pearson. The driver was on a personal phone call most of the trip to downtown TO. He spoke in another language, regardless, even in English, it was annoying to listen to. We were jetlagged and tired. He was inconsiderate. And maybe safer

P. J.

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We arrived at Pearson International. Got the airline limo, done this many times. Got in the limo, said hello how are you, he answered back where do you need to go.(was late at night ) Wasn't really friendly. Didn't help put the suitcases in the lim

Patricia Heeren

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